Activist chugs cannabis oil in protest of changes to Israeli laws

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      In a display of activism glory, a man downed two bottles of high-THC oil during a meeting in the Israeli Knesset to prove that cannabis isn’t a dangerous drug.

      During an open health committee hearing last week (June 4), lawmakers were debating Israel’s recent medical cannabis reform laws. The rumoured changes propose to raise the cost of medical products and remove certain strains from market, according to the Jerusalem Post.

      The man was briefing committee members on the effects of the plant when he abruptly stood up, recited a blessing, and consumed the concentrate.

      “I have here cannabis oil at 30 percent potency,” he says, as seen in the video below.

      “And it’s a 'dangerous drug'.”

      The Israeli activist then guzzles the entire contents of a bottle of cannabis oil, which he claims contains 30 percent THC, the primary psychoactive component in cannabis, and, according to other translations of the video, yells: “You can’t overdose on medical cannabis oil.”

      The demonstration is quickly interrupted by guards attempting to corral the impassioned protestor. Refusing to leave, the man consumes a second bottle of the oil and leaps over the table, but is eventually escorted out of the meeting.

      The Times of Israel reports the activist, a former soldier, uses cannabis to treat his PTSD, which he says is a result of military service. Several other witnesses spoke out against the proposed changes during the hearing, including one woman who was also removed for calling Health Minister Yaakov Litzman "heartless".

      The meeting came to a halt following the incident and the activist was not named.