Petition seeks to have Tommy Chong pull off in Edmonton what Seth Rogen did in Vancouver

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      If Vancouver has an anti-Trump hometown stoner with integrity announcing rapid-transit stations, why not Edmonton?

      Shortly after Seth Rogen decided to voice the stops on the SkyTrain line in the Lower Mainland, there's an online petition to recruit comedian Tommy Chong to perform this task on Edmonton's LRT system.

      As of this writing, the petition has nearly 1,400 names.

      We in Vancouver like to claim Tommy as our own because he lived here in the 1960s. He opened a nightclub and played in bands called the Shades and the Vancouvers. But he was born in the Alberta capital.

      Like Rogen, Chong has taken delight in ripping Trump. In fact, he does it far more often than the Kerrisdale boy who brought us Superbad and The Interview.

      Just check out Tommy's Twitter feed and you'll see what I mean.

      He says he's willing to be the voice of Edmonton's LRT. All he asks is that he can ad lib a little bit.

      We suspect that riders might enjoy hearing Tommy explain why Churchill Station was never named after Trump.

      Or why Tommy's convinced that the liar-in-chief will end up in the crowbar hotel.

      Hell, it might even increase tourism to the city made famous by Gretzky.