Cannabis consultant Deepak Anand rips claim by weed-beverage startup about exporting its beer to Europe

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      A well-known Canadian cannabis policy consultant has poured cold water on claims made by the CEO of a cannabis-infused beer company.

      Deepak Anand of Cannabis Compliance Inc. declared over Twitter that Province Brands does not have a "marijuana" licence. (See below.)

      Anand also stated that European medical cannabis markets don't allow cannabis-infused beverages.

      It came after Province Brands CEO Dooma Wedschuh recently said on the Midas Channel that he plans to take his company public by the end of the year—and ship his brew to Europe.

      In the same interview, Wedschuh stated that Province will raise $30 million, which will get the company started on building a brewery.

      According to the CEO, it would produce 175,000 hectolitres a year from cannabis plants.

      "We have a lot of interest of licensed producers who may have a marijuana licence who can't brew a beer," Wedschuh said.

      He also indicated that there's been interest from breweries that don't have a cannabis licence.

      "Because we have both of those things, we can do contract brewing for LPs and for breweries," Wedschuh claimed.

      That prompted the following tweet from Anand, who has designed cannabis-industry training courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


      After this article was published, Dooma Wedshuh informed Deepak Anand that he should have said "we will have both of those licences" instead of "we have both of those". 

      Wedschuh also told Anand that his company "may" export its products to Europe, "so the context was hypothetical".