Bear mace versus bong: A failed dispensary burglary goes viral

Everywhere else, you hit the bong. In Canada, the bong hits you

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      In the most glorious feat of stoner bravery, a budtender used a bong to stave off attackers.

      Late on Thursday (Sept 6) afternoon in Shannonville, ON, three men burst into a dispensary and unloaded a can of bear mace at two employees, while a fourth assailant was waiting in a getaway vehicle.

      Luckily for cannabis lovers everywhere, the heroic moment was caught on a security camera and aired on social media.

      The footage, which went viral, shows a male employee shrugging off a face full of the chemical deterrent. Barry Bongs then grabs a glass piece and starts swinging, effectively chasing the thugs out of the dispensary.

      And, like the plot of an overcooked Hollywood action movie, the group sped off in a white van.

      Police verified the attack in a Facebook post on Friday (Sept 7) and identified the shop as Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market—located just east of Toronto.

      Sadly, Weedscalibur suffered a shattering blow in the chaos. The clerk smoked the bong on the door frame. 

      Watch the full video below:

      Tyendinaga Police Service is reporting the incident is still under investigation and if anybody has any information about this Robbery, please contact Cst. Brinklow or D/Cst. Leland of the Tyendinaga Police Service at 613-967-3888.