Delta police to educate parents about THC content in cannabis edibles

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      As cannabis edibles may appear like candy and in packaging geared towards youth or children, a local police officer, who is concerned about parents who remain unaware of these products, wants to educate citizens about extremely high levels of psychoactive content in these products.

      In a November 28 Delta Police Department news release, Cst. Derek Gallamore said that the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, or the main active ingredient in cannabis, in edibles or vapes can range up to 100 percent, whereas an average joint may only contain about 25 percent.

      “Earlier this year I arrested someone for trafficking strictly in edibles," Cst. Gallamore stated. "I’d never seen anything like the range of these types of products that they had available.”

      After being invited by the Delta School District Parent Advisory Council, Cst. Gallamore will hold a free presentation about what he has learned about these products from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on December 5 at North Delta Secondary School (1447 82 Avenue).

      For instance, Cst. Gallamore explained that the serving sizes on these products may not be clearly indicated. As an example, he explained that one square of a chocolate bar could be the recommended serving instead of the entire chocolate bar. Also, a gummy bear may have more than a full serving of THC.

      Due to the high levels of THC content, Cst. Gallamore will also discuss the risk of THC poisoning in relation to confusion about serving sizes. Symptoms may include elevated heart rate and blood pressure, chest pain, severe nausea or vomiting, increased anxiety or panic attacks, seizures, extreme confusion, or psychosis.

      Vape device
      Delta Police Department

      In his presentation, Cst. Gallamore will also talk about electronic delivery systems for THC, known as vapourizers or vapes, which may appear to be key fobs, flash drives, or pens.

      More information about youth and cannabis use is available at the Fraser Health website.