Documentary about weed-dealing nuns to hit the big screen this spring

Audiences can catch the Sisters of the Valley at theatres across the U.S. in April

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      Filmmaker Rob Ryan’s documentary Breaking Habits made its first market screening at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 and has since been the talk of the cannabis industry.

      The film tells the story of Sister Kate—a habit-clad weed cultivator heading a grow operation with her sisterhood (by veil, not blood) in California. Finally, the production team, Good Deed Entertainment, has announced the U.S. theatrical release date: April 2019.

      The film highlights the life and work of Christine Meeusen, a former corporate executive who discovered an aptitude for growing pot after fleeing a tumultuous marriage to an adulterous husband. Upon launching a lucrative cannabis cultivation business, she and her team began spreading the good word about the benefits of the plant, all the while advocating for medical access.

      While the Sisters of the Valley—the name of Meeusen's shrouded tribe of lady growers—don't actually subscribe to a religious order, they take inspiration from a number of belief systems, including Judaism and paganism, and grow their crops according to the lunar cycle.

      The latest trailer shows a sneak peek into the challenges Sister Kate faces in defending her crop from local drug cartels and State regulators, and her rise to infamy as one of the world’s most controversial nuns.

      While the film won't be available in Canada this spring, it's a great excuse for a weed-kend trip over the border.