Heighten your Valentine’s Day with these ten cannabis tools

Weedy gifts for that special someone

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      Contributed by Unity Marguerite Whittaker

      Unity Marguerite Whittaker

      This is the first Valentine’s Day where cannabis is federally legal in Canada, so let’s infuse the day of romance with cannabinoids to heighten our sexual and romantic relationships. Scientific studies are quantifying what cannabis consumers already know: weed enhances sex. According to a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which explored the association between marijuana use and sexual frequency in the United States, cannabis consumers spend more time between the sheets than non-users and the plant does not appear to impair sexual function.

      According to the data, it’s high time to explore introducing cannabis into your relationships. This year, if you’d like gift your lover an elevated experience, here are ten tools to enhance their consumption.

      Wrench key ring and roach clip

      Puff Pipes Smoke Shop

      Most men love their tools, which is why this key ring roach holder ($9.95) is perfect for that special guy in your life who loves to toke-on-the-go. Having a roach clip conveniently available on your key ring will deliver best results when looking to hold that roach with while keeping your hands scent-free. And they won’t lose it! Who leaves home without their keys?

      Available at Puff Pipes Smoke Shop (1109 Granville Street) and online.

      Cup of Joy: scented massage oil candle in cranberry and champagne

      Get into the love-making mood by massaging your partner with CBD-infused coconut, grape seed, and essential oils. This year, gift the Cup of Joy ($55)—a collaboration between Vancouver designers Fashionably High and Delush CBD.  This cranberry- and champagne-scented massage oil is solidified in a pink marble tea cup and saucer decorated with a gold cannabis leaf mandala. Spark the wick, wait for it to melt, and treat your lover to a restorative and romantic rub down.

      Fashionably High

      Available at Fashionably High online.

      Single smoke case

      With so many restrictions on where Canadians can smoke, chances are you’ll need to take your consumption practices to the street. American cannabis brand Lowell & Herb Co.’s Single Smoke Case ($13.30) is an air-tight metal canister that stores and protects up to to three pre-rolled joints. Be discreet and carry your cannabis in style. This handy and handsome stow-away is a must-have to add to your lover’s Valentine’s Day kit.

      Lowell & Herb Co.

      Available at Lowell & Herb Co. online.

      THC Molecule Necklace

      Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to gift your perfect person a piece of jewellery. The THC Molecule Necklace ($35) by Vancouver designer Koko & Kai is a subtle, scientific, and beautiful fashion accessory that communicates to others the wearer’s love of bud. This necklace is the insider’s indicator of cannabis love without the in-your-face leaf, which, although beloved, isn’t always appropriate in the age of stigma.  With the THC Molecule necklace, everyone who loves the plant knows what it means. 

      Koko & Kai

      Available at Weeds Glass & Gifts Dispensary (1108 Richards Street) and online.

      Canna Leaf Boxer Briefs

      Let’s get to the bedroom! These super sexy and peach-skin soft jersey and bamboo boxer briefs ($30) will enhance your man's best features. The Stolbie Brand has ensured their underwear won’t fade or lose shape over time, ensuring they’ll look as good as the day you gifted them. This Vancouver designer brand is highly exclusive with products made-to-order, and the best part: a tree is planted in British Columbia for every item purchased.

      Stolbie Brand

      Available at Stolbie Brand online.

      The Monica Vase

      Lots of women love to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day and the Monica Vase ($99) will deliver. This little porcelain art piece decorated with delicate pink flowers makes bong hits fun and feminine. When not used for cannabis, the Monica will sit pretty on a shelf in your home. This retro-style water pipe also won "Top Bong" at the Lift & Co. Canadian Cannabis Awards in 2018.

      My Bud Vase

      Available at My Bud Vase or Leaff Shop online.

      Trimming Scissors

      Scissors are multi-purpose part of the cannabis consumption ritual—from cutting filters to trimming bud. Finally, a brilliant Canadian cannabis brand has brought to market these stunning gold and clear acrylic scissors ($30) to suit a more feminine kit. Quebec-based company Verde Vie knows how to snip and roll in style. And if you feel like your whole set needs a stylish upgrade, Verde Vie’s starter kit also comes with beautiful lighters, rolling papers, and a rose-gold grinder card.

      Verde Vie

      Available at Verde Vie online (friends who use the code UNITY15 will save some coin on their next purchase).

      Dynasty watercolour pre-rolled cones

      No need to smoke your Valentine’s Day cannabis from your regular stash of white or brown rolling papers. Dress up your consumption style with these ultra-thin, slow burning cones ($14.00/six-pack) from Canadian designer Accoutrements. Pack these for your lover, consume together, and make memories with these gorgeous watercolour cones made with tasteless edible hempseed ink.


      Available at Accoutrements or the B.C. Cannabis Store online.

      Krush Grinder

      We all love to get our grind on for Valentine’s Day, and Weed’s cube grinder by Krush Grinders ($30) is Canadian designed and is built to ensure your flower gets ground to perfection. This two-piece magnetic bud buster offers two grinds: course and fine, and will tackle anything from sticky to dry nugs. It also features an easy pour dish meaning you don’t need to touch your weed when filling your joint or bowl. In a pinch, this dish also acts as a substitute ashtray.

      Weeds Glass & Gifts Dispensary

      Available at Weeds Glass & Gifts Dispensary (1108 Richards Street) or online.

      Concentrate Desktop Vapourizer

      This desk top vapourizer ($499) by Puff Co. has brought slick style to the dabbing world. Choose your consumption preferences with four easy-to-follow user settings, ranging from beginner to expert. The settings allow the user to toggle between preferences like terpene enhancement, cloud size, and the amount of concentrate loaded in the rig. With a quick 20-second heat time and fast charging, this hand-blown glass dabber with intelligent temperature calibration will fine tune your concentrate consumption experience.

      Puff Co.

      Available at Puff Pipes Smoke Shop (1109 Granville Street) and online.