Seth Rogen’s sativa hits shelves in Vancouver

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      In March, Seth Rogen announced he and screenwriter Evan Goldberg had been quietly working on a cannabis brand called Houseplant. Within the span of 24-hours following a social media teaser, he unveiled the retro-hued branding, an educational platform complete with infomercial-style tutorials, and three strains set to hit the legal market this year.

      As promised, Houseplant’s first product, Sativa, is available for purchase at Vancouver’s three legal dispensaries.

      To set the mood, City Cannabis Co. decorated its two sleek pot shops with the trappings of a vintage living room complete with lava lamps, vinyls, old copies of High Times magazine, and Uno.

      Piper Courtenay

      Due to strict federal restrictions limiting the promotion of cannabis, the installation can only stay in the store for two days—so snag a selfie in the blue suede bucket chair while you still can.

      For a whopping $68 (without taxes or the 12.5 percent "featured product" discount), you can get your hands on an eighth of Sativa. Currently, 3.5 grams is the only amount available for purchase. At this price point, City Cannabis Co. is slinging Sativa as a premium product. The higher priced eighths available on the provincial website top out around $63.

      Houseplant’s Sativa, which is actually Chemdawg grown by one of Canada's largest federally-licensed producers Canopy Growth Corporation, is a hybrid stemming from OG Kush and Sour Diesel parents and boasts a 20 percent THC content. It's appearance is described as “dark, hardy leaves" with strong resin-production and “long densely packed trichomes extending from the flowers onto that adjacent leaves, giving a true “sugar leaf” appearance.” And a quick sniff through the Health Canada-approved display containers gives off a light earthy and spicey aroma. 

      City Cannabis Co. places the product's effects on the "energetic" end of the scale and says it can help combat stress, depression, and fatigue.

      Piper Courtenay

      The product comes in a not-so-subtle but on-brand orange cardboard box several sizes larger than the childproof plastic container inside, emulating an old VHS tape casing.

      Houseplant's Sativa is also available at the city’s first licensed cannabis store, Evergreen Cannabis Society, for $47.05 (including tax) and for online purchase via the B.C. Cannabis Store website for $39.99.

      The brand's other products—an indica-forward cultivar and a hybrid—are expected to hit shelves in the coming months, as well as prerolls and variations in product amounts.