Eden Empire asks City of Vancouver to ease 300-metre rule for weed store near high school

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      Eden Empire has big plans to grow its weed business.

      For one, the Vancouver-based company is going public on the Canadian Security Exchange in September 2019.

      Also, Eden Empire announced in May this year that it is acquiring seven pot retail stores in the province.

      The company has likewise filed a development application with the City of Vancouver to open a shop at 4317 Fraser Street.

      According to its operational letter that forms part of the application, Eden Empire has secured the support of several neighbouring businesses.

      “Having a retail cannabis store in the community will create opportunities for employment and increase the sales of goods and services for other neighboring businesses,” the company explained.

      There’s just a bit of a problem for the store’s proposed location.

      The shop is within the exclusion zone provided under the rules set out by the City of Vancouver.

      According to the bylaw, a weed shop is not permitted if it is within 300 metres of another pot store, elementary or secondary school, neighbourhood house, and community centre.

      Eden Empire is asking the city to relax this rule as its proposed store is within 300 metres of the Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, and the Polish Community Centre.

      The company explained in its operational letter that the “actual walking distance” from the store to the “closest gate/entrance” of the school is 431 metres.

      As for the community centre, Eden Empire noted that the facility is “focused towards adults”, who are aged 50 years and older.

      Eden Empire also noted that its proposed location will not permit minors inside “under any circumstances”, unlike neighbouring establishments that serve or sell alcohol, which allow young people on premises if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

      “If given the opportunity, Eden Empire’s introduction will have a positive impact on the Fraser Street neighbourhood,” the company wrote.

      The city is receiving comments from the public about the proposed pot store until Friday (August 9).