Singer Kelis will host a new Netflix competition show called Cooked With Cannabis, coming this 4/20

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      We always suspected Kelis had something of a culinary bent, ever since her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard. (Also, this.)

      As it turns out, the singer is sufficiently kitchen-savvy that Netflix has given Kelis her very own food show. Not just any ordinary food show, mind you, but a competitive cooking series that will see chefs go head-to-head with recipes that incorporate cannabis.

      As Kelis revealed on Twitter yesterday, the forthcoming show is called Cooked With Cannabis.

      Each episode will feature three chefs vying for a US$10,000 purse, competing to create a three-course meal based on that episode's theme, which will reportedly range from "futurist food" to "world cuisine".

      Kelis will cohost the series with Portland-based chef Leather Storrs.

      Cooked with Cannabis premieres on Netflix on April 20—which is really the perfect date, when you think about it.