COVID-19: New LCRB policy lets licensees offer customers online reservation of cannabis products

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      Licensed cannabis retailers in British Columbia will now be allowed to offer non-medical cannabis product reservations to customers online, according to a new policy announced by the province's Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch in response to concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic.

      On March 20, Assistant Deputy Minister Mary Sue Maloughney, the general manager of the LCRB, sent a letter (Policy Directive 20-04) addressed to all LCRB staff; licensees; industry associations; and all local government, First Nations, and police agencies. The letter clarified that the province's policy against the selling of non-medical cannabis online would not be changing. Licensees will still be prohibited from selling non-medical cannabis products online or by telephone. Customers may, however, reserve such products online or by phone and then pick them up and pay for them in person.