Microdosing cannabis: 5 reasons why less is more

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      Call it conscious consuming or mindful marijuana, microdosing cannabis could play an important role in the future of healthy consumption as part of the legalization of adult use cannabis in Canada.

      Microdosing  certainly changed my approach to cannabis. Instead of consuming any old joint passed around in a social setting, I make careful choices based on my cannabis knowledge in order to achieve the goal, or intention, I have set for that day.

      Microdosing cannabis is effectively looking for the minimum effective dose. In other words, what’s the smallest amount of THC you need to consume to achieve the results you desire?

      I’ll explain this further by sharing the five reasons I microdose cannabis.

      1. Microdosing complements and enhances my active lifestyle

      Stoner stereotypes need not apply. Cannabis is part of my healthy lifestyle that focuses on optimizing my mind and body through clean diet, self care and regular exercise.

      By microdosing carefully chosen cannabis strains and products, such as indica oil drops,  I am able to achieve muscle relaxation and recovery and a deeper night’s sleep without feeling lethargic in the morning.

      For daytime activities or in a social setting, I mindfully select cannabis products and strains that are known to be more energetic, my go to being sativa oil drops or a sativa-dominant vape pen. By consuming the smallest amount possible, usually for a pick me up in the afternoon, I am able to get a boost in energy, creativity and focus while avoiding feeling high or anxious.

      This type of cannabis consumption is complimentary to my exercise routine. It has required some experimentation, but for me, cannabis has become a reliable pre- and post-workout supplement.

      2. Microdosing allows me to experiment with symptom relief

      Microdosing the ideal strain of cannabis can help to boost my mood when I’m feeling down, melt away stress and bring calm to my racing mind.

      I’ve also been experimenting with microdosing cannabis for mild pain relief throughout the day. When I start to feel the onset of cramps or a headache, I try microdosing THC, in combination with CBD (the non-psychoactive compound) to find relief without the high. I have found success with this technique and have dramatically reduced the need to take over the counter painkillers monthly.

      I did consult with a cannabinoid educated doctor before self-medicating with cannabis. They made suggestions on dosages and wisely suggested to start low and going slow to find that the sweet spot unique to my tolerance and desired effect.

      3. Microdosing delivers more consistent results

      By being mindful and aware of how many milligrams of THC or CBD I am consuming, at any given time, I am able to adjust and/or repeat these result with much more success than if I just consumed cannabis at random.

      Besides the active compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) and other ingredients that might be present in each cannabis strain or product, other factors at play might affect your cannabis experience. This could include your tolerance level, your mood and intention, the method of consumption, any alcohol consumption, what you’ve eaten and so on.

      When starting out, I found it useful to keep a journal or digital diary of the different cannabis strains and products that I tried. This was to remind myself of the different effects each session induced and in what environment I had sampled them.

      4. Microdosing reduces my likelihood of over consuming

      Ever regretted getting a little bit too high? Microdosing cannabis allows me to find that sweet spot where I’m not overwhelmed with the euphoria from THC but I’m able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the active compound.

      Finding this sweet spot, also known as self-titration, has taken some personal experimentation. Part of the challenge, is that it’s difficult to measure exactly how many milligrams are consumed during some of the more traditional methods of consumption such as smoking and vapourizing.  I favour oil drops and capsules where the consumed amount is clearly identified and measurable on the packaging.

      This ideal dosage is very personal, so what is effective for me may provide no results for someone with a much higher tolerance. It’s possible microdosing may actually prevent the buildup of a cannabis tolerance. With any new product I always start low and go slow to carefully measure the results.

      5. Microdosing is easier on the wallet  

      This doesn’t require much explaining! By consuming small amounts of cannabis, my cannabis supply lasts longer and I’m spending less. (I am no longer spending money on pharmaceutical painkillers so that is an added bonus.)

      The only challenge I have to this is my fascination to try all the innovative cannabis products coming onto the market, some of which I’ll be highlighting over the coming weeks in partnership with Georgia Straight! Stay tuned.  

      Have you had any experiences with microdosing cannabis? Leave your comments below!