Cannabis-friendly fitness classes are here: What to expect when you attend

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      After a few pilot classes earlier this year, Flower & Freedom is launching a series of cannabis-friendly fitness classes this month. Hosted at Aura Health Studio + Dispensary, they are not what you might expect.  

      Flower & Freedom classes don’t actually involve cannabis consumption, but are instead a part of our contemporary approach to consumer education, where our focus is on teaching how cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

      Our first class takes place this Saturday (September 30) near Kingsway and Fraser. Here’s what you can expect to experience.

      Elevate your cannabis knowledge

      If you’re someone who might have heard of sativa and indica, but otherwise knows very little about cannabis and cannabis products, Flower & Freedom fitness classes are the perfect place to elevate your knowledge.

      We start each class with a brief cannabis 101 lesson, explaining the difference between THC and CBD and how to make strain selections. These classes are a safe place to ask any questions about cannabis that you may have.

      By understanding how cannabis is interacting with your body, you help ensure a better experience with cannabis, along with the confidence to  select products that align with your goals and preferences.

      Discover new and innovative cannabis products

      Curious about cannabis for its medicinal properties but not so keen on smoking? Before and after the class we’ll explain and demonstrate some interesting new cannabis products and consumption methods that are alternatives to smoking.

      One of the best ways for active people to utilize cannabis for muscle recovery is by using cannabis topical creams and lotions. We’ll have Cannalife Botanicals Muscle Rub and the Buddha Bar from Miss Envy on hand to explain how they work.

      Vapourizing cannabis can be an effective method to treat pain, improve endurance, and boost energy. We’ll have the Davinci vaporizers present to explain how this works. Vape pens offer a convenient and discreet way to enjoy cannabis on the go, so we’ll be highlighting the TOKO vape pen and explaining how it can help with  boosting energy for a fitness session.

      Cannabis oils and capsules can be effectively used to improve sleep, reduce pain and speed up recovery. Using the Nu products we’ll explain how cannabis can become a replacement for that regular over-the-counter pain killer.

      Get your Saturday morning workout in

      This Saturday’s Vinyasa flow fitness class is run by a world-class instructor from Into the Mystic Yoga.

      Connect your body with your breath during a gentle, alignment-based, all-level vinyasa flow class designed to release physical, mental and emotional tension.

      Saturday mornings are the perfect time to practise self-care and get your fitness routine on track for the coming week.

      Be part of the educational change taking place

      Have a friend who asks a lot of questions about cannabis? A Flower & Freedom fitness class is an opportunity for you to bring that someone to a cannabis-friendly experience in a non-threatening, inclusive environment.

      At these professionally run classes we don’t supply or facilitate consumption but provide a safe place to ask questions and explore cannabis.

      If anyone chooses to consume before or after the class, that is a personal choice and we welcome the freedom to discuss and understand each other's experiences with cannabis.

      Bringing a cannabis-curious friend to the class means you can help them understand cannabis as a health and wellness tool, gain knowledge of the basics, and increase their likelihood of a good experience with cannabis.

      Discover one of Vancouver’s most modern cannabis storefronts

      Have you taken a step inside one of Vancouver’s dispensaries yet? Here’s your chance to visit one of the city’s finest.

      With a modern and open space, Aura carries cannabis flower, oils, capsules, skin care products, pet treats, vape pens and more.

      Aura Health Studio + Dispensary has one of the few licenses issued by the City of Vancouver and their in-store vibe sets the tone for cannabis storefronts of the future.

      They also have an onsite holistic nutritionist, massage space and cannabis consultant.

      We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Flower & Freedom fitness class, which will be held on Saturday, September 30 from 10 to 11 a.m. You can confirm on the Facebook event page or send us a private message.