Give thanks for cannabis this weekend: 10 reasons to be grateful

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      This year, when my turn comes around at the thanksgiving table to declare what I’m thankful for, I can’t help but think about how understanding cannabis has changed my life.

      Living here, it’s easy to take for granted the plethora of cannabis stores, the unique products available and the option to get a doctor’s prescription to purchase cannabis from a licensed producer. With adult use legalization around the corner we really are living in the epicentre of cannabis innovation.

      But not everyone in the world lives with access to cannabis without fear of persecution, and though we still have a long way to go, I’m taking a moment to be grateful for cannabis in Vancouver. Here are my ten reasons why.

      Cannabis reduces my need for pharmaceutical drugs

      Cannabis is well known for its pain relieving abilities but what’s surprised me the most is that I’ve been able to use it to replace over the counter painkillers that I would usually take for headaches, menstrual cramps, and muscle and joint pain.

      I have access to legal medical cannabis

      Medical cannabis, also known as cannabinoid therapy, is fast becoming a disruptor in the pharmaceutical industry.

      I’m grateful that I’ve been able to access medical cannabis legally, and for the continued changes to our society’s medicinal approach and understanding of cannabis. I’m technially allowed to fly across Canada with my prescribed medical cannabis, but this act does induce anxiety.

      One day soon I hope my family members in Australia can receive the same, or better, care and access that I’m able to receive in Canada.

      It helps me with faster muscle recovery

      Going on an epic fall foliage hike this weekend? I’m grateful to have discovered that cannabis relieves my sore muscles after strenuous exercise.

      I’ve found that when applied topically, with a THC-infused balm or salve, it targets inflammation in that area and is more effective than any other muscle rub or method I’ve tried before.

      My skin care and beauty regime is more green than ever

      My collection of cannabis infused lotions, serums and body oil is rapidly expanding.

      I’m finding that cannabis compounds such as THC and CBD, when applied topically and in combination with other ingredients, can clear my skin, speed up scar healing, and reduce redness.

      Watch out Sephora, higher beauty is here!

      My creativity is increased and the ideas flow

      I’m in startup mode right now with my cannabis company, Flower & Freedom, and I have to admit, it is proudly brought to you by cannabis.

      After long days of strategy, planning and organizing I come home, vapourize a relaxing strain and any problem that I struggled to solve in the day ends up making sense and gets fully detailed in my notebook.

      I’m also a fashion designer and artist at heart so I find that the right quantity and variety of cannabis fuels my creativity.

      I get a better night’s sleep

      The right method and dose of THC helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, and for this I’m truly grateful!

      Higher quality sleep (puns always intended) means I’m more energetic, can better handle stress, and find more productivity in my long days as a an entrepreneur.

      I find the very best results from a low dose edible or oil drops as the effects are felt throughout the whole body and can double up as pain relief.

      I drink far less and feel healthier for it

      Granted I’m not a heavy drinker, but I have been known to finish a glass of wine or three.

      I’ve noticed that as my cannabis knowledge, and therefore safe consumption, has increased, I’ve become more likely to vapourize an indica in the evening for relaxation than to turn to a bottle of wine.

      When socializing I microdose sativa strains to increase my social energy, and I’m grateful that cannabis offers this healthy alternative.

      I love the innovative products coming to market

      I have an insatiable love for innovative cannabis products and I’m grateful to be able to sample and test them all (company goals). Edibles, oils, skin care, beauty, vape pens, capsules, juice, transdermal patches, smoothies, tea, lozenges and more.

      One of the reason I created Flower & Freedom is to cautiously celebrate and explain what we can achieve with cannabis once restrictions are lifted and technology and innovation moves in.

      I love being able to participate in a maturing industry

      Have you noticed that there are thousands of jobs opening up in the medical cannabis industry and more in the unique companies preparing for adult use legalization?

      I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to create positive change around cannabis in our society. The people working in the industry are passionate and full of energy, and I’m grateful for the friendships I’m making along the way.

      The inudstry is a great job creator. There are opportunities for every skill set, from science, customer service, accounting, education and more.

      Seeing better access to honest and important consumer education

      Most importantly, I’m grateful that we all now have the chance to get the cannabis education we should have received in school (and more), to discover how cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

      At Flower & Freedom we explore and explain cannabis and cannabis products for the health conscious consumer. It’s our goal to arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to become a safe and educated consumer or to better understand the choices of people around you.

      Join Flower & Freedom for a night of exploration for the cannabis curious at The Elevate Experience, this Thursday (October 12) at Soundhouse Studios (33 West 8th Avenue). Limited tickets available here.