Cannabis Life Network launches Studio 710, a one-stop shop for weed media in Vancouver

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      With cannabis and show biz being two of this province’s biggest exports, it makes sense that B.C.’s newest weed media company is headquartered right here in Vancouver.

      Launched in July 2016 by Todd and Tanya Ceperley, Cannabis Life Network (CLN) officially opened its brand new studio last week with the season premiere of the popular webcast, Expert Joints LIVE!.

      Last month, Todd Ceperley told the Straight about his goal to make the network synonymous with the city’s cannabis industry. Part of fulfilling that goal was the creation of Studio 710, which Ceperley calls “Vancouver’s first cannabis multimedia space”.

      Dab heads will recognize the studio’s namesake as a nod to concentrates. (For those who don’t, the number ‘710’ is simply the word ‘OIL’, flipped upside-down. Think of it as the concentrate-equivalent to 420.)

       “We’re looking to produce media-rich content featuring cannabis in all its glorious forms,” Ceperley said between puffs.

      The words “cannabis media” might bring images of dread-headed individuals taking massive bong rips to mind, but Ceperley hopes to make things like cannabis travel documentaries and cooking shows the new norm.

      He said that in the same way it’s no longer ‘cool’ to tote your dank bud around in a Ziploc bag, cannabis media has also progressed.

      “As the internet evolves and consumption of media changes, we think that what we’re developing here is right at the forefront of how people will be consuming,” he said, “and the uniqueness of the web allows us to specialize within a very specific area like cannabis, and find an audience of significant enough size to make this all worth while.”

      While Ceperely said some cannabis networks tend be known for their work related to activism, CLN “is looking to cover the lifestyle aspects of our culture” with the help of weed webcast host Craig Ex.

      Ex has hosted his weekly show, Expert Joints LIVE!, on Pot TV since August 2015, and now operates out of Studio 710. He said the new studio came out of a joint effort by both CLN and Expert Joints, and he's looking forward to working with a bigger team.

       “There’s so much more in this space that can be done and I really want to have Studio 710 be the place to broadcast all of it to a wide variety of people,” he said.

      “The cannabis market place is such a diverse demographic, and there’s something for everyone.”

      Not only does the move to CLN give Ex a more polished platform, it also provides him with a little more in the way of infrastructure and resources.

      “Instead of me clicking all the buttons now, I’m just clicking a couple, which is a huge change for me,” he laughed. “It’s nice to have the help, and a higher level of production capability.”

      Check out the studio in the images below, and tune into the next episode of Expert Joints tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:20 p.m., where Ex will interview the Straight’s cannabis editor.


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