A group of Richmond residents is trying to postpone cannabis legalization

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      It appears not everyone in the Lower Mainland is excited by the idea of legalization.

      Yesterday, the Richmond News reported that a group of residents in the Vancouver suburb have launched a working group to try and delay the Liberal government's plan to legalize cannabis.

      Led by Richmond city councillor Chak Au, the "2018 Marijuana Legalization Concern Group" wants to see a suspension placed on the July 2018 deadline.

      At a press conference held on October 13, Au told the media, "Once the gate of legalization is opened, it cannot be reverted back."

      He added that members of the community needed to "work together to prevent the social problems that may be caused by legalization later".

      The group has come up with a list of more than 20 recommendations for each level of government, including suggestions like increasing the minimum age to 21, banning edibles, prohibiting home growing, and giving landlords the right to ban the consumption or cultivation of marijuana at rental properties.

      Au told the News his primary concerns with edibles and at-home cultivation had to do with children "consuming it [cannabis] by mistake".

      The Straight has contacted Au for comment and will update this story if new information is made available.