Exploring cannabis as a health and wellness tool with fitness classes at Aura Cannabis

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      Once a month, cannabis curious Vancouverites are arriving at Aura Cannabis for a unique combination of cannabis education and group workouts at our Flower & Freedom fitness classes.

      The inspiration behind presenting these classes is to demonstrate how cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle. At our most recent class, I was happy to see a mix of attendees ranging from about 25 to 65.

      You may have heard of “ganja yoga” where people smoke or vape together at the start of a class, but our classes are different. Cannabis consumption is not facilitated nor supplied. Instead, guests experience the following combination of knowledge and exercise.

      A introduction to cannabis topicals and muscle rubs

      When I discovered cannabis topicals for muscle pain relief, it was a game changer. The active compounds such as THC and CBD target pain locally when I apply it to my aching neck and sore muscles from overexertion.

      At this cannabis-friendly fitness class, we have samples from Cannalife Botanicals to explore and explain cannabis topicals to you. Cannabis applied to the skin is not known to induce any euphoria, so topicals represent a non-intimidating way to get to know the wellness benefits of cannabis.

      An insight into CBD for pain and recovery

      During our class introduction we take some time to talk about our personal experiences with CBD (cannabidiol) for pain relief.

      CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, so unlike THC it does not create euphoria, though it may offer calming and anti-anxiety effects, a benefit that I regularly experience.

      Understanding that not all cannabis or cannabis products will get you high is an important part of relearning cannabis and one we highlight at the fitness class.

      A professional vinyasa flow yoga class

      Bring your yoga mat and prepare to flow.

      After beginning the class with these cannabis 101 lessons, we experience 45 minutes of vinyasa flow with a certified fitness instructor.

      When I discovered cannabis could be good for me, I knew it was only if I was looking after my mind, body, and soul, so regular yoga practise and outdoor exercise are essential to my health.

      Our fitness classes are a way of showing that cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle but only if we move and look after ourselves in a well-rounded manner.

      Discovering one of Vancouver’s finest cannabis storefronts

      This unique cannabis education and fitness experience is all held inside one of Vancouver’s finest cannabis dispensaries!

      I prefer to call Aura Cannabis a cannabis store as they are shaping the way that cannabis retail storefronts are going to look in adult use legalization.

      From the friendly staff to the open space to the fascinating range of innovative products, Aura Cannabis is my go-to cannabis shop just out of downtown Vancouver.

      Community and continued support

      As we head towards adult use legalization, cannabis is experiencing a mainstream repositioning to that of a health and wellness supplement.

      I personally think this is a good thing. If we come to understand cannabis as a wellness supplement and learn how to reduce any negative effects that we might have experienced in the past, isn’t this, ultimately, the best thing for harm reduction?

      Learning should be fun and getting together in our communities to support this positive change is the heart of Flower & Freedom.

      Join us at Aura Cannabis or connect at Flower & Freedom to find out what classes are up next.