Cunningham family celebrates every moment at Canuck Place

Canuck Place Children's Hospice

The holidays are a time of reflection and celebration for parents Dwayne and Angela Cunningham from Surrey. This holiday season is another opportunity to be thankful for the gift that is their daughter, their little light, Lumina.

Lumina arrived January 13, 2016. Prior to birth, she was diagnosed with Walker-Warburg syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the development of muscles, brain, and eyes. There is no cure for her condition.

Lumina arrived with complex medical needs. In an environment of stress and exhaustion, Dwayne and Angela were introduced to . Amid the chaos of meetings and medical procedures, the Canuck Place team of nurses, doctors, and counsellors was there to provide care planning and compassion.

At Canuck Place, the Cunningham family found a comforting, home-like setting where they learned to savour their time together and focus on the love shared in little moments.

“The joy we have now is immeasurably greater than we could have expected,” said Dwayne. “Every smile, laugh, touch, and breath is such a brilliant gift.”

Life is challenging, but Canuck Place is there with clinical care at home or at the hospice where Lumina can receive pain and symptom management while the family is cared for too.

Lumina reminds her family daily that moments matter. While the future is uncertain, today is a gift to be celebrated.

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