VIDF celebrates 20th anniversary!

2020 Vancouver International Dance Festival – March 6th to the 28th

The 2020 VIDF celebrates its 20th anniversary with performances by:

  • Shay Kuebler / Radical System Art — virtuosic, electric, high velocity
  • Modus Operandi — next generation innovators
  • Ferenc Fehér — profound no-exit physicality
  • Boogaloo Academy & Now or Never Crew — boogalacious contemporary youth & seasoned street dance savvy
  • InDANCE — queer Bharatanatyam, same-sex love in the here and now
  • Farouche — three incessantly shifting physically inquisitive movement prospectors
  • FakeKnot — idolized/idealized, existential glam, mind-expanding explosion
  • Olivia Shaffer — the most beautiful things contain secret suffering
  • Ichigo-Ichieh New Theatre — shared essential human moments from a not-quite-yet-dead man
  • Kokoro Dance — Five generations of women evoking and provoking the power of Yin