Andrea Reimer and Christine Boyle are facing off for a BC NDP nomination

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      It’s the battle of the city councillors. 

      Current OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle and former Vision Vancouver heavyweight Andrea Reimer both announced today that they want to run for the BC NDP in the new riding of Vancouver-Little Mountain. 

      Environment Minister George Heyman, the current MLA for Vancouver-Fairview, declared he’s not running for re-election, kicking off a nomination race for the BC NDP safe seat that will likely have more impact than the eventual all-party election this fall.

      Heyman has endorsed Reimer as his choice for successor.

      “I’ve dedicated my life to closing gaps,” says Reimer in her announcement video, “from fighting for social justice and bold climate change action to reconnecting with my birth family and Indigenous culture.”

      Meanwhile, Boyle—the most progressive voice on Vancouver’s ABC-majority City Council—has also launched her own bid to escape from municipal politics. 

      “I’ve spent many years working on issues that matter to residents in Little Mountain and across Vancouver and BC,” she says in a release. “I’m grateful to the many people who have encouraged me to put my name forward.” 

      She’s claiming the endorsement of Jenn McGinn, another former MLA for Vancouver-Fairview.

      Little Mountain, which last existed as a provincial electoral district between 1966 and 1996, is back for this year’s election (the date has not yet been announced). There are going to be 93 electoral districts contested—up from the previous total of 87—with existing boundaries changed to make room for the new districts. 

      The new district encompasses Olympic Village, Oakridge, Cambie Village, and the Main Street corridor. Its staggered shape is bounded by parts of Cambie and Oak Street to the west; 16th Avenue and False Creek to the north; Main Street, Kingsway, Fraser Street, Prince Edward Street, and Ontario Street to the east; and King Edward Avenue, 41st Avenue, and 49th Avenue to the south. 

      The boundaries of new riding, Vancouver-Little Mountain.
      Elections BC

      Let the campaigns begin.