As the Canucks and Oilers continue their on-ice war, Vancouver and Edmonton fans go at it on X

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      At the risk of engaging the faithful in Canucks land, the Edmonton Oilers have finally won something. Don’t worry, Captain Jack, we’ll get to you in a second.

      Actually, let’s get this way out of the way—no one in the past few days beat Captain Jack’s @OilersJack Tweet on X.

      You speak the truth, sir, and can take a bow. And it’s been a refreshing break from mouthbreathers on both sides Tweeting “Oilers suck,” “Canucks suck,” and “Conner McDavid’s real name should be McBaby.” (Let’s be fair, the dude took his well-deserved Nikita Zadorov/Carson Soucy-inflicted punishment in game three like a man, both on the ice and in his press comments afterwards.)

      The second-round playoff series between Vancouver and Edmonton has officially become a war after three games of missed calls. There’s the slewfooting and face-carving of Quinn Hughes. The egregious boarding of Elias Pettersson by Darnell Nurse. And worst of all, a truly vicious crosscheck to the head at the end of game three (that would be Zach Hyman on Nikita Zadorov).

      Partly because flying to Vancouver is too expensive for Oilers fans ($561.10 one way on WestJet), and partly because no Canucks fan of sound mind ever goes, “Man, I really want to see Edmonton before I die,” waging war with the enemy in-person has been difficult.

      And so, social media has become the place to do battle, with X the favoured playground. (All the pictures make Instagram too distracting. And Facebook is mostly used by seniors with dial-up connections whose primary beefs are kids who won’t get off their lawns.)

      Raging on X is what both nations have spent the past week doing, to the delight of the rest of Canada in general, and Calgary in particular. 

      Here are some of the best tweets to prime you for tonight’s game.

      Go Canucks! And remember, Vancouver will love you even more than it already does if you beat Edmonton not only on the ice, but in the alley.

      Kicking things off, the NHL Department of Player Safety blew it again with its one-game suspension of Soucy, with nothing for McDavid or Hyman.

      Everyone saw the double-decking sandwich of McDavid at NHL headquarters. And then they obviously hit “pause” on the PVR before this part of the incident. Vancouver, you've been screwed by the league again. 

      Just as Vancouver has been hammering Edmonton on the ice, Canucks fans have been proving an old adage to be true in their Twitter battle with Oilers supporters. (Hint: that adage goes something like, “Never get into a battle of wits with an unarmed fanbase.”)

      Much of the abuse being lobbed across the border centres around who has less class: Oilers or Canucks fans. We’re not taking sides there, mostly because we don’t have to.

      Occasionally Edmonton fans do land an above-the-belt punch, usually revolving around the fact that the Oilers won cups back when Commodore64s were the hottest computers on the market.

      The Canucks have won zero, but we do of course have two major riots to our credit.

      If there’s one player in the series winning X all by himself, it’s unquestionably Zadorov, who has been a monster on the ice, and a one-man quote machine when standing in front of reporters.

      Tweets have paid tribute to Zadorov taking shots at the one person every hockey fans hates: Gary Bettman.

      He’s been lauded for annihilating the one person in hockey everyone (except for the odd Oilers fan) despises almost as much as Gary Bettman: Evander Kane. And celebrated for out-trolling trolls while sitting in the penalty box.

      So who is winning X’s war of the playoff words? Please take the stage, man known as “Mr. x - Maynard Nugent-Spivey (blue checkmark).”

      Happy battling, everyone. Do your best to keep it clever and semi-clean.

      Oh, and one more thing.

      Go Canucks!