Canucks and Oilers fans deliver rally songs that are beautifully insane for different reasons

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      One of the greatest things about any cup run in Canada—besides the relentless shit-talking of fan bases in frozen hellholes like Edmonton—is that it often comes with homegrown songs designed to rally the faithful.

      This year is no exception, with Oilers and Canucks fans duelling it out musically while their teams go to war on the ice. 

      And the early results are, well, amazing for very different reasons. 

      Let’s start with the enemies over the Rockies first. 

      Giving credit where credit is due, the Oilers franchise’s playing of “La Bamba” after every team win at Rogers Place is actually a beautiful and classy tradition. The song was, of course, the favourite of much-loved Oilers attendant Joey Moss, and more recently young uber-fan Ben Stelter.

      We’re not above messing with tradition on occasion—flash back to “Wooly Bully” by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs being reimagined as “Bure Bure” in the time when Pavel Bure was royalty in Vancouver. 

      All that said, um, sometimes words don’t completely capture the, um, uniqueness of putting a new spin on an old work of art.

      So we’ll let the Edmonton-generated insanity, dubbed “Boucha Bomba”, speak for itself here.

      What the flying fuck were they thinking? Maybe, thanks to the involvement of the Edmonton Opera, it was something like: “This will show the world we’re not a cultural backwater.” Or: “We need something to clear out Rogers Place right after the game.” Or: “Despite the fact that Corey Perry is on the Oilers roster this year, we’ll show the world some admirable restraint by not rhyming the word ‘hunt’ with, well, you know.”

      Meanwhile, in Vancouver, we’ve got this DIY marvel, which arrived like a gift from the lo-fi gods this afternoon.

      At first viewing of, well whatever this is called—“Things in Oilers Uniforms That Suck”?—we were admittedly also like: “What the flying fuck?” And then we watched it again. And again. And again and again, the last two times between pulls on a bong the size of the Stanley Cup. 

      Once the weed took over, there were so many things to love. The fact that the video serves as a direct response to “Boucha Bomba”. The backdrop, which looks more East Van than Wally’s Hamburgers, Commercial Drive, and the West Coast Reduction rendering plant combined.

      The beautiful simplicity of the lyrics. The reminder, to the world, that Messier sucks: as a Canuck signing, as a Rogers TV package and potato chip pimp, as a hockey analyst, and probably as a human being.

      And the half-naked guy in the trucker hat and Super Mario Bros. porn ‘stache, who, impossibly, ends up being even more insane than Edmonton’s decision to defile the memory of Ritchie Valens with lines like, “And don’t forget Hyman, he’s parked in front/He’s parked in front and on the hunt.”

      Score this win Vancouver. Go Canucks.