The first-ever Kamayan Festival brings the richness of Filipinx culture to Mount Pleasant

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      By Raynee Novak

      The first-ever Kamayan Festival, celebrating the vibrancy and richness of Filipinx culture through food, art, and entertainment, is coming to Mount Pleasant on September 24.

      Kapitamayan Cultural & Heritage Collective is behind the inaugural event, which is set to take place at City Centre Artist Lodge on Main Street.

      “Kamayan” describes the act of eating with bare hands, which is the traditional pre-colonial method of eating in Filipinx culture; it also describes traditional communal feasts or family meals.

      Kamayan Fest is a nod to that tradition, passed down through generations. Attendees will have the opportunity to indulge in the best of local Filipinx food, presented in contemporary and creative ways that pay homage to history while embracing innovation.

      “We wanted to create an event that resonates deeply with both the diaspora and the broader community,” says Lele Chan, one of the event organizers, in a press release. “Our goal is to provide a platform where everyone can engage with the richness of our culture while celebrating our shared humanity.”

      The festival isn’t just about cuisine—it’s also a showcase for artistic expression that reflects the dynamism of Filipinx art and culture. From talented makers to mesmerizing performances, every facet of the festival encapsulates the spirit of creativity and unity that defines the Filipinx identity.

      The Kamayan Festival invites attendees of all ages to partake in an immersive experience that fosters collaboration, connection, and celebration. It’s an opportunity to embrace the heritage and forge new connections within a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Expect food vendors, local makers, exciting entertainment, and an immersive kid’s corner.

      Kamayan Festival

      When: September 24, 12pm to 5pm

      Where: City Centre Artist Lodge

      Admission: Free