Squamish action figures poke fun at the PNW lifestyle

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      As someone who recently ran her first half marathon, I’ll be the first to admit that every stereotype about being from the Lower Mainland is (unfortunately) rooted in some truths.

      Do I have a Strava account and a favourite gel now? Absolutely. Instead of shying away from my Vancouver-isms, I have learned to lean into them—and you can, too, with this Squamish “action figure” set being sold on Facebook Marketplace for $420.

      Created by Whistler photographer Steve Andrews, they appear to be an AI-generated joke. But they’re all too relatable.

      The figures include:

      • The Ultra Trail Runner, complete with shredded abs, multiple pairs of shoes, and plenty of protein tubs. 
      • The Dirtbag Climber, who is definitely living in his car (or a tent).
      • The Hippie-crite (be honest, we all know one): someone who preaches light and love while also riding the shopping cart like it's a magic carpet through the aisles of rapid consumerism. 
      • The Mom-fluencer, complete with a baby accessory and all.
      • The New to Town: someone who shows up on the West Coast and immediately decides they are 100 per cent committed to being outdoorsy.
      • The Toddler Shredder: a kid who was destined for the PNW lifestyle before birth, and who is already better at mountain biking than you.
      • The Developer: a suit-clad, fast-talker ready to turn Squamish’s stunning vistas into condo towers.
      • The Unsanctioned Trail Builder, who is determined to pin it on every mountain, official trails be damned.
      • The Last Logger: a Squamish OG!
      • The Aging DJ. (No, we believe you, bro. We’re sure your shows were the place to be way back in the day.)

      These could all yours for $420 (that is, if they aren’t just a genius prank). Act fast—the buyer promises that inflated egos are not included.