PSA: Stanley Park’s great blue heron colony has returned for another year

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      Amid the terrors of climate change and mass extinction, Vancouver’s Stanley Park has brighter news to share—its colony of great blue herons has returned to nest in the park for the 24th consecutive year.

      The prehistoric birds were first noted in the park more than a century ago, in 1921—but their population declined for a stint in the 1980s due to eagle attacks, human interference, and habitat loss. They returned to their nesting spot above Park Lane near the Stanley Park tennis courts in 2001, and have been calling it home ever since.

      The resilient birds continue to raise the next generation of chicks against all odds; eagle raids and delayed nesting seasons due to longer winters (thanks, climate change) have been their reality for years.

      Last year, the non-migratory colony hatched 61 new fledglings.

      Park visitors are asked to keep a respectful distance from the animals. Those hoping to see what they’re up to can instead check out the Vancouver Park Board and Stanley Park Ecology Society’s live heron cam, where you can witness the birds’ daily rituals—including courting, mating, nest building, egg laying, and if you’re lucky, hatching!  

      Watch it all live here.