Straight Playoff Bandwagon goes deep into Nashville

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      (This article is sponsored by Flight Centre Kitsilano.)

      When the Straight Playoff Bandwagon, powered by Flight Centre, landed in Nashville, the agenda extended beyond mere entertainment—this was a quest to discover the city’s soul.

      We were guided by Chris Buck—a BC country music icon who’s recently emerged as a fresh songwriting talent in Nashville—and his towering presence and gentle demeanor were a clear nod to his BC origins. His truck, still sporting BC plates, served as a constant reminder of his roots.

      As the Bandwagon cruised through the neon-lit streets of downtown Nashville, the vibrant sounds of Broadway greeted us. Venues bore the names of music giants like Kid Rock and Dierks Bentley, each one a towering tribute to its namesake. Kid Rock’s bar featured a different band on every floor of its four-story structure.

      “Take it all in,” Buck suggested amidst the cacophony of a crowd at Whisky Jam in Bentley’s bar, “but the real Nashville isn’t here.” His words hinted at a hidden depth beyond the buzz of Broadway.

      Canucks fans descended on Nashville.

      Heeding his advice, the Bandwagon headed to Mid-Town—a contrast to Broadway with its quieter charm, historic music labels, and bars filled with working musicians.

      The destination was the Red Door Saloon, a place known for its lively atmosphere, where one might encounter Nashville Predators star Filip Forsberg or witness country music’s unsung heroes jotting down lyrics on napkins.

      As the evening unfolded, the Bandwagon’s members, energized by vodka Red Bulls, engaged in deeper conversations with seasoned songwriters about the emotional depths required for their music, their responses often ending with a knowing chuckle and the words, “Lots of therapy.”

      Buck’s tour revealed the true heart of Nashville—not just the glitz and glamour, but the profound stories behind the songs.

      The next destination for the Bandwagon is Bridgestone Arena for game three of the Canucks versus Predators in the NHL playoffs.

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