Vancouver Aquarium’s otters predict the Canucks vs. Oilers outcome

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      Though sea otters and orcas aren’t friendly in the wild, this is one situation where the two animal species seem to be getting along swimmingly (pun very much intended).

      The Vancouver Aquarium had one of its sea otters, the very adorable Joey, predict the outcome of yesterday’s Canucks versus Oilers NHL playoff game. A video posted to the aquarium’s Instagram shows two large discs—one for the Canucks and one for the Oilers—with Joey wholeheartedly choosing Vancouver’s team as the winners. The adorable prediction proved correct, with the Canucks winning the May 8 home game with five goals to the Oilers’ four.


      The video also shows some of the aquarium’s other otters getting in on the fun: they can be seen toppling the Oilers disc and enthusiastically converging on the Cancuks one. Is it a sign that Vancouver will sweep round two?

      Here’s hoping, because who would want to disappoint a face as cute as an otter’s?