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Memories from the past

At the apartment I lived at about 5 years ago, I was in the basement suite and there was a couple with two kids upstairs. I heard the couple fight often, that was the main reason I moved. I would sometimes hear the woman verbally abuse her youngest kid, who was a boy of 7 or 8. Once I heard her hit him, they thought I was out but I wasn't. I think I was required by law to report that, but I didn't. I just didn't want to get involved. I think of that kid sometimes, and wonder how he will turn out. Can you imagine a mom calling her young son a little shit and hitting him? Maybe I should have told the husband, or the cops, I don't know.

You are so clingy.

I don't want to be your friend anymore. You ask me so many personal questions and when I answer I feel like you are judging me. It's like I am being interrogated about everything I do. You copy everything I do, order the same food/drinks and track me on Facebook. Now I understand what guys go through when women are clingy. It's so stressful. I am suffocating.

No one knows

I've only had sex with women I have paid for.

Gender Wars

There are a small number of people on the left and right feeding the fire of the gender wars. The rest of us just want a semi-normal relationship with people of the opposite sex. Most dudes aren’t predators and most women aren’t radical, men hating feminists ... so I say let’s stop giving them the constant platform to troll their divisiveness!

I know but I don't want to admit it

I fell in love with someone and they didn't feel the same. I wish they had been clear with me but I think it's hard for people to do that, and I think they enjoyed the attention too. It created quite the mess,but the real problem is I just can't see to get over it. I thought I was fairly humble, but part of me can't comprehend how they couldn't find me as attractive as I find them. I'd rather pretend to myself than admit I don't have what they would want. I've spent years now dedicated to working out thinking but what if they saw me now? And also the same years thinking, I'm a f'ing idiot.

Risk vs reward:

I am seriously considering joining the adult entertainment industry to explore some personal sexual desires around payment of exhibitionism and professional interest in the ethical pornography business model. Furthermore my intended genre is very niche and not going to be exploitative of anyone involved. I feel like I am taking a measured risk and aware that everything has consequences and I am accountable for the direction I take. I am single and without any children and I have stepped back from friends who have children. I am prepared for the stigma that will impact my life and I am prepared for my family (of origin) to put distance between us. The only thing I fear is my family (senior parents, adult siblings) facing any threat to their safety/well being. I don't know what the repercussions of my actions will be and I don't want anyone to suffer for my choices. One can plan and forecast but no one can guarantee what the future brings. I can't anticipate every single factor at play and this is truly the only reason I can figure is holding me back.


I don't give you much credit for knowing me so well, in a sense, and you seem to know how to get under my skin, and I resent you for that. Still, I enjoy my walks of peace, on my own and not always wanting community to achieve that, and I know we disagree on this point. And sometimes I just need to vent, like I used to, not wanting "parenting" from you, but despite the distance, the silence, the indifference, I am still grateful for having you in my life.

Vesuvius. Etna.

Minor eruptions. A pimple a people's pimple. Egregious clown fish

About to join the Angry Singles of GS

Trying to remember one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch but am so frustrated at how dishonest some people are with their intentions... got led on, now I can't tell if I'm more mad at myself for falling for it or at him for being a lying sack of shit.

I wish I could tell her .....

I just hung up the phone. It was my friends wife. She was ranting about how rude and disrespectful i am. I kept hearing my friend in background asking her to hang up. I was mute. I couldn't say a word. I think she was right to be mad at me. I went on a date with one of her friends. It was a setup but i had seen her a couple of times before. As an answer to one of her questions i told her I've never been in a relationship. She started laughing hysterically and said she can't believe what she is hearing and men like me are extinct. It was overwhelming for me and i felt I'm being rediculed, so i left abruptly. I wish I could explain my self in a lengthy conversation, without loosing my train of thoughts, just like a normal person does in the same situation. I wish i could tell her i was bored from beginning because she dressed up in gray and black. I wish i could tell her that i think she's not a nice person cause she smells like metal. That I had a hard time listening to and understanding her since she was talking very fast. That i had difficulty to maintain eye contact or start a conversation. I Wish i could tell her I'm unable of reading faces or emotions or getting the hints or metaphors. That I'm gullible and believe lies and made up stories very easily. That everything in my life has its own routine and ritual and breaking these routines and rituals is very difficult for me. I wish I could tell her there were couple of female classmates hitting on me when i was at university, but as always I couldn't get a notion or read the signals and i guess they lost their patience and moved on. the same situation happened with one of my students later on while i was a lecturer. I wish I could tell her i can't remember how many time i was called rude, arrogant, self centred, jerk, crazy, creepy, weirdo and so on by women which for any reason i had to be in contact with. I wish I could tell her I'm working on not to stare at or eye scan people, no matter what bright color is their outfits or how good they smell. I wish I could tell her i have Autism disorder and I'm sorry about it.

It's not what you think

I am a woman who has been friends with a married man for almost ten years now. I stress "friends" because we've never, ever been romantic (I'm asexual so it was never even on the table.) I treat him as I would any other friend; he's very much like an older brother to me and he treats me like a sister. He's also fiercely loyal to his wife – he'd rather lose a limb than betray her trust. He's a great guy which is one of the reasons I'm proud to call him my friend. So why, after ten years of completely-above-the-board friendship, does my friend's wife still think I'm out to steal her husband? My friend has other female friends, yet I'm the only one that she refuses to engage with. On numerous occasions my friend has tried to get his wife to join us on our once-every-six-to-eight-week outings, i.e. trying a new restaurant or visiting a cool garden center, but she always declines. I’m an adult and I completely understand that not everyone is going to like you and vice versa, but I'm no longer buying the "she's a single woman and is therefore a threat to my marriage" excuse. IT'S BEEN TEN YEARS. If she'd said that I just wasn't her cup of tea, that would be fine because, hey, there are folks out there that I don't want to engage with either. But to make it about 'husband stealing' is offensive and ridiculous, not just to me, but to her husband/my friend. It makes me feel like a scapegoat and like she’s attempting to manipulate the situation by trying to turn it into something it’s not. Quite simply, I’m not the ‘other woman’. I never have been. If I ever had any indication that my friend had acting in a duplicitous manner – using a separate email account to chat with me, hiding our texts from his wife, lying to his wife about our outings – then I’d completely understand her paranoia and would immediately cut my friend out of my life for using me and betraying my trust (I’m not the forgiving type). But, over the last ten years, I’ve never had any indication that my friend has behaved this way so I’m at a loss to explain why his wife clings to the ‘other woman’ scenario. It’s upsetting. Maybe that’s the point? Thanks for reading.

One of my Parents...

... recently overdosed, nonfatally. I know the coroner does the death stats, but what are the stats on people who overdose nonfatally, end up requiring care from their families? I sure do envy my friends who don't have an IV drug addict in the family. I wonder what it's like, having a parent who loves his children. The part that hurts the most is that I know I'm not as fun as IVing cocaine.

I'm scared

My young adult son is trying to find his path in life but doesn't seem to have the ability to think things fully through. He blames others for his own mistakes/ situations and I'm really worried for his future. It's hard because he doesn't want to listen to any advice that we (parents) have for him so we are at a point where we just have to watch & hope for the best. This is an extremely difficult & stressful time for us as we watch & hope he will be okay. Hoping we come out the other side intact!

Honk if you’re horny

I always had the feeling that there was something more to that bumper sticker...


Skater Mom

You were taking your son skating. You are a very youthful and beautiful 29 :) I was at a loss for...