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Animal rights protests

I saw the SJW chicken faction on Hastings and Commercial. I was thinking of joining in on their cause-- so noble and juste.

I have been trying to write a murder mystery novel for the last few years. I've scrapped a few novels half way through when I couldn't get the murderer away from suspicion long enough to enable the antagonist to the last part of the book, which is finishe

I have been trying to write a murder mystery novel for the last few years. I've scrapped a few novels half way through when I couldn't get the murderer away from suspicion long enough to enable the antagonist to the last part of the book, which is finished. So I started think about how I could get the character more time. I gave up. Once I had given up though, the idea popped right into my head. Honestly its very simple, similar to a magic trick I once tried. It is the perfect murder. Too perfect in fact, to print. I think somebody would use it, its infallible and I've never heard it being used in a book or film. Its dangerous because it would totally work, leave no DNA or prints and nobody would ever know the two people had met up. I don't think I could stomach the idea of somebody killing someone using my ideas. I'd feel guilty as hell if that happened. So, I'm shelving the whole book..

i miss you so much Honey

im in-love with you and it deeply hurts daily to be away fron you for so long. Missing seeing your beautiful face and mesmerizing-sweet green eyes and smile, and just being aroumd you Love. m' Paradise is holding you in my arms, yet it's been so long it feels like eternity away fron you. i truly love you, need you and want you for all time, but only if you accept; it is special only if you accept. wishimg you are taking good care of yourself and doing/feelimg well wherever you are Sweetness~my happiness is your happiness, and me hopes you are happy dappy wherever you are <3<3<3

Get a life.

For all you jobless Social Justice Weirdos with too much time on your hands in your mothers' basements, take your political and racial paranoia and agendas back to FB where it belongs. Confessions are suppose to be juicy, and not for delusional virtue signalling to give your dismal lives a false sense of meaning.

Too much hurt bottled up

A lot of my childhood trauma is starting to surface after repressing it so long. I came from a household where my father abandoned us and my mother was an alcoholic, aggressive, and violent human. My mother used to use us a human punching bag and told us horrible things to the point that I believed that I was garbage. As a child my mother and her erratic behaviors destroyed all of my friendships to the point where I grew up to be a loner. Since I was a loner, I still have difficulties making friends or I would chase them away by trying too hard to get potential friends to like me enough to be their friend. Throughout my adulthood I went after men who never loved me nor wanted me. Due to my poor self-esteem, I used to beg these men to give me some of their attention because I taught this is how men supposed to be. I subconsciously copied my mother's behavior when it came to men. Since Vancouver is a unfriendly city and my wages can't afford me to see a counselor, I am glad this confession took weight off my chest.


My psychiatrist said that I have traits of Borderline Personality Disorder amoungst my other mental health problems. Is this is? Is this abnormal or not? We shared so much intimacy, vulnerbilty, and he ended things with no explaination so suddenly. I don't understand what happened, I can't get him out of my head. It doesn't help that I see him at work all the time, it's better now, I'm calm around him, but he's just always there. It's almost been a year. Just seeing his exterior, I miss him. I remember how the interior judges me and dropped me so suddenly and coldly. I think I'm still secretly hoping he'll decide to explain everything and how I wasn't just a fleeting emotion for him. I want him to hold me again, like nobody ever has. Or maybe I just need to get laid. But I'm clearly not desirable in this state. Tell me what you think of me? Help me snap out of it? I don't have anyone to talk to.

I wanted to believe

that we were good friends. That we had each others backs. That we were honest with each other. When it became clear that you were just using me to get to my other friends, it broke my heart. Blaming me, the pretty white girl who always stood by you, for every little bit of racism that ever came your way. Blaming me when the man that you wanted didn't want you back. Blaming me for my sudden, unexpected popularity in our school. Your jealousy, insecurity, manipulation, and lies ruined our friendship, broke my heart, and made me mistrustful. I was nothing but a good friend to you and you took me for granted, used me, projected your shit onto me, and did your best to grind me under your heel. And you don't understand why I don't want anything to do with you ever again? Why I cut you out of my life? Do you have amnesia? Or did you just think that I'd never learn? I hope someday that someone that you love and trust does everything to you that you did to me. Maybe then have a clue.

I can't help myself

I haven't seen or heard from her in a year. She was nowhere near perfect (nor am I), but I had never felt so alive as when I was with her. I accepted her as she was. And she broke my heart. Now she wants to talk and I am the proverbial moth to a flame, waiting to get torched. Why am I such a glutton for punishment? *sigh*

You gave up too soon, but then I won't have him thank you

You truly didn't know me; otherwise you would have seen through the pretty ugly lies I wrote in order to anger you. I don't mind being painted a villian because it's better than being a victim. Now take that anger and channel it to get back into stability. You broke me just as much as I broke you, but he loves me still because he knows the whole truth. We are stronger and working through our problems. I once thought you were my soulmate till he showed me what real secure stable love is. Love waxes and wanes, but it takes dedication to keep the flame alit.

I confess I'm a bit scared...

about standing up to the alt-right and neo-nazis and white supremacists. I'm white and straight and I've never been bullied or discriminated against. I've always stayed comfortably in the background, and have never been to any kind of protest rally. However, I'm now so sickened by all this bizarre, hateful shit that I feel like I no longer have a choice. I absolutely have to show up, and to keep showing up, over and over again. If I/we don't, those groups will only get stronger.

Miss my quiet evenings

Went to a work party today and well....kinda sucked. It was ok but nothing special because the majority of people were all younger than me and have known each other for a couple years longer than I have. I'm a rookie and because I was the oldest one of them all, I just felt out of place. Then again, parties aren't my thing. Call me a reclusive old man but I think I'd much prefer the space and comfort of a nice quiet evening at home. Just going to embrace the peace and solitude from here on out.


My sister in law, who is a wonderful person who brought my brother out of an indeterminable funk after his divorce, is one of those Instagrammers who makes my brother take photos of her posing in exotic locations like a model. Don't get me wrong - they're nice photos and they have a good life but I thought she was better than that. It's so contrived and so "look at me". I didn't think she was like that but if that's the worst thing I can say about her, then I'll take her shallowness over his ex-wife's cheating on him any day.


The 1st thing I do when I come is drink wine. The Neo-Nazi resurgence stresses me out. I barely hold it together at work; it's also full of stress with people quitting every week. It's too much for me, so I come home and drink hard.

It's great !!

I was so happy to see punk fans bringing their kids to the rancid and dropkick murphy show! I can't imagine how much fun that would have been, especially for the ones who got to go up on stage with the band!!! And big up to the guys carrying the dude in the wheelchair above the crowd! Kinda makes me want to meet a punk dude, where you guys hanging out when there's not a show!? :p Everyone was awesome keep it up and stick it to the man!


Cute lady playing Life at Brickhouse

I was waiting in line for a drink for a while and we made eye contact on multiple occasions. You...


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