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I had dreams about my ex-wife last night.

I wish my fucking subconscious would leave me alone and let me move on with my life and find some small level of true happiness and contentment again....sheesh!

I’m ALWAYS paying attention

Don’t equate my silence for agreement, acceptance, or approval. I’m not a confrontational person. I also tend to give the people I care about the benefit of the doubt much more than I should, based on my experience. I’m often simply giving people enough rope to hang themselves apparently. I wait and wait, seemingly tolerating the behaviour, with the hope that perhaps they’re just having a rough day and this isn’t typical. If the behaviour doesn’t improve though, I’m going to be gone. Your first clue that I’m very strongly considering the situation is when I get very quiet. Depending on the circumstances and the type of relationship, I may just quietly slip away and stop reaching out. I may do “gray rock”. Or, there might be one of those final straw moments where I get really angry. I don’t believe that it’s my responsibility to constantly call someone on their attitude/behaviour. I expect that a mature adult should understand that certain types of behaviour are generally frowned upon by the majority of us. So, if you’re behaving badly, don’t be surprised by my disappearance from your life.

Real confession: anxious about my values

I find my values and philosophy creating obstacles in my social life, as well as general hindrances when travelling. Its impact causes me grief, I feel lonely at times, with less social opportunity. I really appreciate new people who make an effort to cater to my values. But I will avoid social outings sometimes so I don't have to explain myself. There are many times I want to quit my values to fit in, but then find some strength to keep in line. I'm generally happy, good standing financially and physically, but my vegan lifestyle can get in the way. P.s. "find other people like you" doesn't work if there are none in a small town or an area where there are none. Or if they are simply significantly different in culture (think music, lifestyle etc, vegans aren't all the same, I like hockey and capitalism).

Now made it big

Now that I'm successful, I realise how many women out there(not all of you sweethearts), are so shallow. After I became a dentistt, lots of girls who had previously ignored me, had added me on Facebook, initiated more conversations, and conversations with strangers seem to flow a different way if they know of my success. Thankfully, I met a nice young women before I had success. She's beautiful and one the best people I know with the biggest heart. She loved me when I was a "loser" or a "lesser". I'm glad to share my success with someone good. This goes for douchebag guys too, thinking pumping weights and making decent money early on means you can objectify women is part of the problem. You types of people are meant for each other. For the young women out there, look for loyal humble men. Cheers

Greater Vancouver, is it worth it?

I hesitantly moved away for the first time for school years ago. I had intentions of returning, as I would be a professional making well over six figures, and even more once I owned a business. However, after being away and living in other Canadian cities, from small town to big, I just can't justify working twice as much for half as much (I can work 10-15 years in the east and retire or 30-35 years In GVRD). The surroundings are decent in vancouver, but in small towns it's even better. There is freedom to explore not just be locked down in over crowded hiking trails. Housing and salary is something I won't go into, but the grass is so much greener. If you don't move across Canada you won't meet the characters from the Maritimes or Quebeccers, in essence you won't meet all of Canada. If I didn't have such good friends and family, it wouldn't be so hard to completely cut GVRD and BC from my life. So I have to ask, is it worth it?


When I was young my dad would tell me two things. 1. Figure things out for yourself. 2. Life's not fair. He would repeat these when I would complain that someone at work got a promotion I didn't think they deserved or if I didn't know how to do something. At the time I was pissed at him but over the years I've recognized that it's made me into someone who can handle almost any situation.


I suffer for my art, the art of letting go.

So I had a lunch with my buddy today

We're both 60+ males chewing the fat over lunch and we've both lived in Vancouver all our lives. So I asked him, "Are people getting more rude and more disrespectful or am I just turning into a cranky old fucker?" His answer was, "It's a little of both." OK, I accept that. But Vancouver was a "friendlier" place a short time ago.


Why doesn't the government ban it, it's only for losers anyways, at least with booze I can relax at a club downtown or Granville with a few friends on the weekend without those annoying stoners acting like fools in public

I think this forum is interesting

BUT please be succinct with your posts. If I see someone confessing their life story and it goes on for a 1/2 page, I ain't reading.

Vancouver Has Taught Me

I moved to Vancouver from Regina about 3 years ago and I was a good guy when I got here. I was a hard worker who had this view that there was good in everyone. That got me nothing with women and my career. I looked around and realized everyone is lying and a big phony so I need to be as well to keep up. I tell women I am some type of big shot with tons of money and that gets me laid. I lie non-stop to them and since I say things with confidence they eat it up. At work I am a jerk and that got me a promotion. Yeah coming to work on time and exceeding all work expectations got me nothing but being a total jerk gets your noticed. If someone isn't performing at work I call them out on it and I am not nice about it at all. No more walking on eggshells. I fire people who aren't performing and don't give a #%$@# about it. You think you aren't paid enough then go get another #$@$#@ job and don't complain to me about it. My boss promoted me to Manager and said I have a take no prisoners type of attitude and am willing to do anything to succeed. Vancouver has brought out the worst in me and maybe this is who I am and I can't go back now.

Big savings? I think so.

I confess, I’ve been using my student ID card to get discounts on stuff. Looots of stuff. I haven’t been to school though in many many years. Thank god it doesn’t have an expiration date! I might have another 5 years or so of these deals before my age me away (Already in my 30s). Gotta do what we gotta do to get by in this city ha!

Miss having a culture

There used to be one in Vancouver. Now it is a global colony for the super wealthy and slave labourers who move here looking for the American dream.


I always knew that everyone had their own story - their own narratives, their own truths... But it hurts so much to live those differences. Each and every one of us is alone, I think. We can make the best of it, try to have fun and make connections and love each other and enjoy life, sure - but there are no guarantees when it comes to those we love. It makes me sad. And it makes me sadder still that nobody I know seems open to talking about this.


Gorgeous dark haired girl in a booth at...

Friday around 5PM, you were sitting with a guy in a booth close to the street....our eyes met...