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What's the right way?

Apparently I'm supposed to be dating multiple people at once but I feel I'm not that kind of person. I understand the logic but I don't think it fits my personality and values I guess. It's smarter to date multiple people at once but when you say "date" do you mean continue after 2-3 weeks or during the first 2-3 dates with a few people? How do you all feel when you find out the woman or man you've been seeing is also seeing other people and it's your 4-5th date with this person? I personally wouldn't love it if I know I'm fooling around or being intimate with this person too. I know I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket, but I'm an honest person. Do I tell them or they should assume I'm seeing other people? I guess my lesson is that I should assume anyone I date is also seeing multiple people.


It's not that I can't move on. I get hit on by lots of guys. It's that, somewhere, I keep expecting that he'll send an email to meet, but the only way I'll get this is to let go, so the impossible is the reality. It's like I can feel his soul, and it won't let me go but it won't connect with me either, keeping me to himself. I really need the kind of closure that comes from being face to face and I can't get it so I can be free. I pray for amnesia. And I can't tell anyone as they'll think I'm nuts for thinking like this. I sure can't tell him. I'm stuck, praying for amnesia.

Not a Confession

Just a simple truth of life: If there's no communication, there's also no relationship (platonic, romantic, sexual, really of any kind).

Cheating on the mistress...?

My wife (“W”) and I have been in an open relationship for many years. I sleep with whoever I want and she does the same. We haven’t had sex with each other in years. In those many years, I’ve slept with countless women, all of whom knew exactly the situation. It’s never been about long-term or even “real” relationships. It’s just fun. After playing around for many years, I finally settled down with what I guess we’ll call a mistress (“M”) with whom I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for over a year. It wasn’t always that way, and there was some confusion as to what I’ve been… up to. She made it clear, notwithstanding the oddness of the situation to begin with, that if we were going to continue to see each other, it had to be exclusive. No hard feeling either way, but if I want to continue to sleep around, she won’t be part of it. I decided she was worth it — that I’ve gotten it all out of my system — so, ok. Agreed. And that’s how it’s been ever since. Recently, W has become interested in having sex again, after many years of not doing that with her. I find myself in an odd situation. Truth is, I’d rather continue seeing M and leave things as is. I feel like I’d be cheating on M if I slept with W. Is it technically cheating if it's with your W that you're sleeping with? I suppose I could cheat on my M and sleep with my W, but I’d feel guilty about it so probably won’t do that. This is upsetting the W, but what can you do, right?

Red Bull gives you wings?

Well maybe it gives YOU wings, maybe it gives everybody else wings too. All it gave me was the trots. I'll stick with coffee, thanks.

It’s a boy

My friend had an affair with a furry man. He left her when she told him she was pregnant. Fine, c’est la vie. She just gave birth to his child (yes, abortion was an option but not one she would have chosen). The baby will now join a loving family who couldn’t have a child of their own. But the birth certificate has his biological mother’s name AND father’s name. One day this child might find this deadbeat of a human and he will really have to face his choices! Have a great life waiting and wondering Monsheeshee Man!

Art School

I did a graduate degree in a local art school program. The female profs were all excellent yet their opinions valued much less than the males. The men were arrogant drunks, washed-up losers, cheaters and perverts. One of my classmates was totally useless but had a big chest. All the opportunities fell to her and I developed this bizarre love/hate for her that has taken me years to understand as an envy for her career advancement.

Pretty bummed

Everyone is promoting religion in Canada, except Christianity. You are not allowed to promote Christianity without the media and SJWs tearing into you. It looks like institutionalized discrimination is back with the CBC PC discriminat station in the lead.

All this identity politics stuff

Is making me feel barfy. Everyone hates each other, except people from K-12, and university students. Please stop this, world.

It Is True

I have lived in Paris and Rome. In those cities I had no trouble dating at all. In Italy men would come up to my table and talk to me in broken English and they were so passionate about life. In Paris they would talk to me about existentialism and politics and pursue me with such Joie de vivre. In Vancouver men rarely if ever make eye contact with me and if they do they quickly look away. Its as if I have been transported back to primary school. How hard is it to walk up to a beautiful woman and talk about something interesting? We are not the enemy. I love having intelligent conversations. I am not asking you to marry me. If things don't change I will be moving back to Paris because life is too short to wait for change that will not happen.

Them who say about Spirituality

they know-it-all and their way is the only way are a fraud trying to sell you something or control you - usually both. We all only see in small part but most of us realize there is something greater than the 3rd dimensional world "I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time" – Carl Jung Yet still try we must to become the change we want to see in the world because: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Try hard & don't worry bout a thing cuz every little thing gunna be alright

Sorry not sorry

Wish I could say I felt sorry for someone whose dream didn't work out, but I don't because they hurt me so badly. So to that person I'd say: Enjoy all the young hotties you'll get out of your lame back-up career (which has been is probably will be your real career for a while). I know you had a thing for a lot of them when we were together. It was always obvious and it hurt. Have fun!

What is spirituality?

I'm thinking I should try it. I don't really get it though. I'm a fact driven, logical type. Never been religious. Is it just hocus pocus? I'm pretty sure I have a soul somewhere in there, it's just really out of touch. The more I've learned to reason and think, the more I feel out of touch from myself.

loneliness in Vancouver.

I've been single for almost ten years now. I've tried the dating apps, never seems to go past "let's get a coffee". Never ever hear back. No one asks me out in person so I ask guys out.. instead I'm met with a laugh, mock and insult. sometimes I get a "F*** off/you" before I can say hello! what's the deal here? lol dudes, you can't complain that no woman wants to date you when you're pushing us away.


“Changed my Day

You were walking down vine street in kits, I stooped to let you cross the street. I was so...


Savage Love: The lopsided bisexual

" I fall in love with women exclusively, but I love to have sex with men occasionally."