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Picked a place to live

Beautiful spot just past the Crocker Land Mountains where the weather is always a balmy 74 degrees. Now how to get there is the next question ? Anyone going my way :)

Walk don’t run

No car maintenance class? Oh that’s right. We can’t afford vehicles here. Unless you’re a Tesla toting smug out of touch halfhearted environmentalist And renew your lease every few years with a brand new vehicle. All to appear as someone with a Jones family name. Where does all that energy come from? News flash there isn’t enough resources. Even if you win this rat race. You’re still a rat.

Separate isn’t always better

I acknowledge that I’m from an older generation, but being so gives me the benefit of experience. So I’ve witnessed the full gamut of relationship styles and standards. One thing that really strikes me as being relevant to how successful a relationship is, is how the couple treats their finances. The people who don’t mix their finances into joint accounts and insist that everything is split down the middle, seem to lack the cohesiveness that’s fundamentally necessary for a true partnership. When I was young, even couples who lived together without being married usually fully combined their finances. In my case we had both a joint account and individual accounts of our own into which we both deposited equal amounts of money once we’d made sure that our necessary expenses were covered, but the joint account was for both of us and it wasn’t viewed as theirs or mine, but ours. So we decided together how we would spend our money, and that was typical of the other couples we knew. I think if you’re not willing to fully commit to that type of partnership, then you’re not ready for the long haul with that person. Obviously it requires that each person has an equal say, but that applies to every other aspect of the relationship too, so I still think it’s relevant to the ultimate success of the relationship.

I didn’t ask

Most of the time when someone is sharing their experience and feelings about something, they’re just expressing themselves. It doesn’t mean they want or need you to tell them what to do. That habit is a bad one that far too many people seem to have. If I’m frustrated maybe I just want to talk about it. I’m not asking for your advice, I just want an ear sometimes. I do it for people all the time, but for some reason if I try to share my own feelings or situations with others, 9 times out of ten they immediately jump to telling me what to do. It drives me nuts and it makes me feel completely unheard. I think it’s a patronizing way to treat others because you’re basically telling them that you know better than they do. Just stop please. If I want your advice I’ll let you know.

Unaware friend annoys

My friend has been living here for years since they moved here from overseas and I hate walking with her. She constantly walks into people then complains about how stupid they are. The thing is, she's walking on the left side of the sidewalk and we don't do that here. In Canada, we drive on the right, we ride on the right and we walk on the right and it's HER who is the one in the wrong, pissing off people every time we're out. It's disrespectful! I'd never do that if I were, say, in the UK. You look at the car traffic and that tells you everything you need to know about where people defer to. It's common sense and culturally respectful, and she should have gotten a clue after living here the first few years I want to tell her that she's not overseas, she's here now. She needs to accept that reality before she starts a fight, especially with people being volatile these days.


I’ve never voted conservative in my life. But I wouldn’t mind sleeping with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. Damn she’s smokin’ hot! Hubba hubba!

Hamburger Helper

My white trash 90s childhood was all Kool-Aid, Tang, Little Debbie and Hamburger Helper. Don't miss it (much), but whatever happened to common middle America meal of Sloppy Joes?

Forum moderator here

Hi everyone, I'm your friendly, anonymous neighbourhood moderator. This is a bit of an experiment. GS Confessions currently doesn't have a publicly posted code of conduct. It's a holdover from an earlier internet era. That has both good and bad parts. It does make it very difficult to moderate in any effective way. Comments like "Get rid of the hate," are unhelpful -- how are we defining hate vs disagreement? What is a healthy level of conflict and disagreement to have? With that in mind, what would you like to see in a Confessions code of conduct for posters / code of moderation for the online team? What ideas do you have for this section? How can I do my job better? Let's have a healthy discussion.

I know I’ve reached a life milestone

I used to love fashion, getting dressed up, colours, textures, thrifting for unique finds, etc. accessorizing, peacocking, being stylish. Now I look forward to wearing my black Walmart hoodie. Lost the desire to open my wallet, to shop, spend hours doing all the above, to impress and influence the outside world. This is the post-consumerist me.


JJ Bean Babe

I come in for my morning London Fog and Umami Wrap. You’re usually working and even if you don’t...

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