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The 1st thing I do when I come is drink wine. The Neo-Nazi resurgence stresses me out. I barely hold it together at work; it's also full of stress with people quitting every week. It's too much for me, so I come home and drink hard.

It's great !!

I was so happy to see punk fans bringing their kids to the rancid and dropkick murphy show! I can't imagine how much fun that would have been, especially for the ones who got to go up on stage with the band!!! And big up to the guys carrying the dude in the wheelchair above the crowd! Kinda makes me want to meet a punk dude, where you guys hanging out when there's not a show!? :p Everyone was awesome keep it up and stick it to the man!


Avocado Toast? I've been eating that since 1994. Who's the Real Hipster now?


I'm pretty sure I have a porn addiction. I masturbate at least 10 to 15 times a day. I'm a woman. My last boyfriend left me as he felt he wasn't good enough because of how much I masturbated and because I touched myself when we would have sex. It's the only way I can get off. I don't have sex with people now because no one can please me the way I please myself. I could probably die happy just masturbating for the rest of my life but I worry that something is wrong with me. I know normal people don't masturbate 15 times a day.

White supremacist groups

are hate groups. They hold rallies in order to draw out protesters, get news coverage and spread hate. Don't take the bait, there's far more rational individuals than there greatly outnumbering these idiots.

First love

My first boyfriend (many, many years ago), essentially ghosted me after 2 years of dating. I was so hurt at the time but I have been over it for many years now and have had much better relationships as I've gotten older. I recently moved and guess who lives in my neighbourhood? I've walked by him a couple of times but each time, my dog has given me a good excuse to not look up at him, so I haven't said hello. It's been 20 years. I don't think I need to. But I still think it's funny that at 7 am on a Saturday morning, I'll be the only one walking my dog and I'll walk around the corner and there he'll be, walking towards me. So weird.

Curiosity Killed the...

Over a month ago, Canada Post returned a package with no unit number to the mailroom of my office building. It sat for over a week in the open. I looked at it and saw it was apparently a gift and birthday card with a $25 value, going to Australia from one woman to another. I tried looking these people up on Social media and found nothing. I asked the building management if I could put up and sign to try and find the shipper and was approved. The signs were up for 5 weeks before being taken down and no one picked up the gift. Curiosity got the better of me (and also doubted the ability of Canada Post to do anything) and i opened the package. Inside was a blank birthday card that played a song and a dollar store necklace. In the ripped open card seam where there was the sound box was a taped up packet. I snipped it open and found a smell proof packet containing powder (I snipped too hard and a little bit fell out). I freaked out and threw it all away in the kitchen garbage. I am pretty sure that card had drugs. My initial good intentions and subsequent naive curiosity have taught me a lesson that sometimes it is best not to get involved.

Tolerance for biggots?

I am outraged that in response to the violence in Charlottesville our local racists have decided that it is OK to hold their own "Anti Muslim Rally" at city Hall this Saturday. I know that non-violent protest is the correct way to challenge intolerant, ignorant attitudes. Everybody in Canada is entitled to their opinion, and the right to assemble to express that opinion, no matter how repugnant. I will be attending the rally in opposition to the racist rally, raising my voice peacefully, expressing my conviction that Canada is a place for everybody. My confession is that the bigger part of me wants to violently counter-protest with steel toed boots and a baseball bat. Dear Nazi Shitheads, I am intolerant of your intolerance, and even though I won't, I want to violate your rights to safe assembly and freedom of expression.

Wait, there are sides now?

I hate people talking about media "fanning the flames of division" as if there are two legitimate sides to the shit-show that is 2017 politics. ONE SIDE IS LITERAL NAZIS. I hate when people say "just ignore them, they just want attention." THEY ARE NAZIS. Fascism is a cancer. I don't care where you fall on the left--right spectrum, cancer can't be ignored. Cut it out before it kills us.

You want to know why I never respond to you?

I don't respond to your 500 messages because it's always the same conversation. "Hey hows it going?" "good and you?" "Good, Whats new?" "Nothing, you?" "Nothing" You never ask me about my life and honestly I don't care about yours. All you would do is talk about your kids and honestly I don't care. I'm sure your kids are fantastic but honestly I don't give a shit what they made in art class or the fact they got an "A" If your not talking about your kids then your being creepy and reminiscing about the almost rockstar life you had while mentioning I was the greatest lay. It's great you still want to do me but sorry that ship has sailed by over a decade. I've told you I have no desire but yet you think you can convince me. You also message me around the same time everyday which is after I'm done work at midnight and the last thing I want to do is have a boring pointless conversation with you.

Five days in March

I died 20 years ago. Did you see the light leave my eyes?

Did anybody notice

The stock market Is at record levels even though we are in tumultuous times and seem destined to for at least the near future. Am I paranoid or does that make zero sense at all?


#3 Main Bus - London

I feel like a total weirdo/creep doing this kinda thing, but here goes. ...


Photos: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers...

This performance comes early four decades after the band's first appearance in our town.