Its just love, pure and sadly not simple

I just looked at your last email from today's email exchange and smiled because I love you. Whilst we talk about so much I can not tell you that so I've posted it here as a confession instead. To tell you will just cause too many problems particularly for me but also for you. For now I'm happy to be your friend and the fact we are good friends is undeniable and clear to everyone - even if in it's closeness is a slightly unusual friendship that raises the occasional eyebrow. Perhaps in years to come some of those potential problems will cease to exist and .... (And thanks to for a place where I can express this without fear of negative consequences other than the occasional insult from a passing troll. Its not as good as saying it to the person in question but it helps)


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Second opinion

Jan 7, 2013 at 5:43pm

I've always heard that when you're interested in someone, you should tell them. If it's not meant to be then it wont happen, but if you don't say anything how will they know? How will you know if it is even possible? I can't tell by the confession if the lucky person in question is currently spoken for or if you are. However, if this "friendship" you mentioned may seem like a little more than that to an outside observor, than maybe they feel it too. It might be worth the risk.

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