I love how...

I love how someone's true colors show when they are in a difficult situation and their backs are pressed against the wall. Only then is when you know how much tolerance and respect someone really has, and what their capacity to handle conflict is. I work in an environment where I constantly have to be nice, and friendly, and I am generally a friendly person. My job is to get to know my clients; sometimes the conversations I have are more genuine than others, but I always strive to not only provide the best customer service I possibly can, but also to make sure that every decision I make is based on my client's best interest. I'm currently dealing with a mature client who was nothing but smiles when we first met and started working together (whom, by the way, was hitting on me quiet evidently) and now that a few problems have come up, at no fault of my own, has turned into the rudest, most difficult person to deal with. Once more I'm reminded of the importance of always keeping my cool, and really practicing those problem solving skills I learned. I don't ever want to deal with conflict in a way that would make me look as ugly as my client is looking right now.


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Aug 10, 2017 at 8:23pm

Sex is involved here.

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