I know myself well enough that instead of having just one chequing account that all my money goes into, I have several. My one chequing account is where my paycheque gets deposited. I have six other savings accounts where I filter out money once I've paid all my bills. But because I only ever pay anything out of my chequing, that's the only thing I see when I log into online banking. My brain doesn't even compute the rest of the money in the other accounts. I just looked and have $300 in my chequing account and wondered with slight panic whether I had enough to last until payday next week (credit cards aside). Then I looked at my other savings accounts, did a quick mental calculation and realized I was just fine. I used to fool myself into believing that guy on the 11th floor only flirted with me in the elevator. Fooling myself into thinking I have less money in the bank than I really do is way smarter.


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Nov 8, 2017 at 9:43pm

I do the same ! You are not alone... If you can't fool yourself who can you fool?

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