In the end we will regret the chances we didn't take and the connections we did not explore.


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Dec 7, 2017 at 7:54pm

Or else be brave enough to take then regret them.

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Dec 7, 2017 at 10:08pm

Word! There was a guy I knew from a group 8-9 years ago and he was such an amazing, rare, beautiful person and I totally fell for him, but figured he was out of my league.

There were small hints he might have liked me too, but because of my low self-esteem I reasoned them away to other factors. Plus I had learned that making assumptions (like whether someone likes you) is bad idea. But finally at a xmas party he blurted out something that was strong hint about how he felt, but then turned and walked to the kitchen to watch another girl cook something.
Hindsight has made me realize that he probably sensed I liked him (he was a highly observant & perceptive person) and probably assumed that I *knew* he liked me too (I didn't, I already explained about that) and thinks that I was leading him on.
I wasn't! I value being a nice person, plus not being a pretty woman, I don't have as much relationship experience as other women my age.

I was in a rocky relationship for most of the time I knew him, BUT I had been trying to get out of that relationship for MONTHS before the group even started. Some people might think "How hard can it be to end a relationship?" ....if you're someone who values being a nice person in a relationship with someone who uses that to manipulate you, it can be really hard. But the guy (the ex-b/f) was a pedo so I REALLY wanted out of that relationship.

There's a bit more, but I'll tell him about that stuff if I manage to see him again someday.

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