Media Manipulation

I am truly concerned that social media is further eroding democracy and people perceptions of “reality”. There are examples on both the “left” and the “right”. The Russian manipulation of the US election is a perfect example from the right. Social media gives the impression that it’s a bunch of individuals freely expressing their opinions, but we’ve clearly scene many cases of organized manipulation. On the left, when feminists, LGBT or other group want preach and give the impression that their opinion is the only one, they close off comments. At the top, we have 5 or 6 billionaire controlling 70% of all written and broadcasted media. I see it even with the Georgia Straight Confession when they filter more right wing comments and posts to give the impression we live in a purely left wing world. I watch the manipulation of the media by both sides and I want to puke, because I think a lot of people have no clue how badly they are being manipulated. I also see people getting more scared to talk to one another in person or expressing their opinions publically due to the Internet lynch mobs or poker bullying groups getting some one fired (feminist, nra, LGBT, minorities, big business, etc.) are all guilty of it. I feel we need to get back to people talking to one another directly in coffee shops, homes and community group rather then staring at their phones.


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Probably Wasting My Time

Feb 17, 2018 at 6:26pm

US Elections,all you heard about was how Trump ten years ago said some off colour stuff.
Yet no mention of Hillary's overthrowing of Libya by aiding ISIS groups and fomenting civil war. Same with Syria,now Europe is over run with refugees and will cease to exist in 20 years.
Never heard how the Clinton Library was taking in hundreds of millions from Saudis and others to gain favour (bribery) when she was elected. I could go on and on.
I've had probably 100 posts on here deleted,as someone will make a "confession" of (for example) how men are so violent,and rapists,and cheaters etc. I'll post a link showing statistics and proving that it's not true..... it'll never get posted.

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Piss on them all

Feb 17, 2018 at 6:30pm

All media outlets in and out of mainstream, all the networks give their organized opinions. How about the CBC, a foreign media outlet to the states, giving their organized opinion who should and should not be president during the US elections? How is that not organized foreign interference, and meddling? Lets not forget that HRC and the DNC colluded with Russians in order to get the Russian dossier in the first place, just to show that DJT likes to get pissed on. But we should already know that anyone who runs for public office must like to get pissed on. There will always be someone pissing on you for your policies, and every decision that you make if you run for a public office, especially if you're not wearing their team's colors. And of course some people will just piss on you, simply because they have that need to piss on someone, and public officials are easy targets to piss all over.

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This whole term...

Feb 18, 2018 at 10:19am

... "right" and "left" is French Revolution terminology, it has no place in our absolute Monarchy. For as Edward Coke lays down in his report of Caudrey's case, we in this realm of England and the dominions thereunto belonging enjoy an absolute Monarch who is free of all power on earth. This notion of "right" and "left" is what you get after you attack your sovereign, as in Revolutionary France. But if we use the terms in that sense, 'right wing' meant supporters of the King and Ancient Customs, Left Wing meant Revolutionaries who wanted to tear down the Ancient Customs and replace them with whatever magazines they had found to be more fashionable than the oral tradition of the Royal Family, which has always, in Christian nations, included all subjects and Kings and Nobles---of course, the subjects are very far removed in the line of succession, but they are still in it. Right meant support for the Royal Family and Oral Law.

People are afraid to speak up for good reason---there are fascists everywhere, in this understanding I have posed, left-wing fascists, which is not a contradiction in terms. The essence of fascism is (1) notions of purity and (2) some set of magazines designed to bring about purity, if only everyone read/subscribed/obeyed them. People with notions of purity grounded in fashion magazines tend to be harmless, unless they start trying to impose their fashion/purity on others. And this is what the situation has been in Canada in some sense since 1968 with the Human Rights Act, but in a very serious way since 1991/92 at UBC and 1993 for the province, with the removal of free speech and writing from the Human Rights Code, in the latter case, and the introduction of an ill-defined prohibition on "harassment and discrimination" to the University Calendar in the former. It is worth noting that "discrimination" is used in an accepted translation of Aristotle's On the Soul, which says that the soul, or psyche, as in psychological, is

“charactized by two faculties, the faculty of discrimination, and the faculty of originating local movement” (432a15, Bekker Numbers.)

In 1991/92, use of the faculty of discrimination, which belongs to all souls, was effectively prohibited in the University system, and, next year, within all public communication in the province. What we have in place of the faculty of discrimination is fashion magazines.

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IQ is dropping

Feb 19, 2018 at 9:17am

The straight used to be super left, then it went MOTR, then so far right it popped out in left field again.

I have screen shots from multiple posts here that had weight and truth. Gone.

People asking for real help (like suicide). op's were ridiculed and posts left up.

I bailed here when they started letting feminists call for the demise of men in horrible ways much like the HUFF post editor called out to kill all men . That is paramount to a low level hate crime and bullshit.

Ironically we live in a democracy yet the people who represent about .0001% of society seem to have the loudest voice now almost like it was a program designed behind the scene but we all know that NEVER happens.

I dare you to talk to a SJW in a coffee shop.
"MY SAFE SPACE""!"!"!" pass the cream.

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Old Man

Feb 20, 2018 at 8:55am

Folks! These are old, old ideas. Democracy - the rabble - the evil of capital - the structures of the aristocracy - free will requiring demonstrations of rebellion.

None of this is new. The world is not getting worse. (Well, it is getting worse, in that we are breeding ourselves in excess of what this rock can maintain at current consumption rates; I mean, in political discourse.)

Revolutionaries, counter revolutionaries...these issues are important and worth hearing even if, or particularly if, you don't agree with them.

So if one particular band of scribblers is starting to irritate you, read another. Come to your own conclusions.

And, when it all gets to be too much, the woods are close by. Picnic lunch is not the solution to everything, but, it is damn good for getting these political aggravations into perspective.

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