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To put an end to internal company investigations for harassment complaints. The process is invariably flawed, with the appointment of staff investigators who have no idea of the process of fairness. They are usually very gullible and call witnesses with well known biases against the accused. They don't allow cross examination of these witnesses and they don't usually allow the accused to bring their own witnesses. I went through an internal investigation myself many years ago and the so-called investigators just chose the witnesses they wanted to. Secret interviews were the order of the day and no rebuttal interviews or witnesses were allowed. Next thing we know there's a report issued in which everybody's word is accepted and a conclusion is drawn from these words. Contrast that to a court hearing with cross examination and rules of evidence and you're likely to get a completely different finding on almost every occasion. In these days every single action should go through some form of independent justice system and the hysterical press and internet should be banned from making comment. The hysteria has ruined many people's lives just with the accusations!


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Just read

Mar 8, 2018 at 5:16pm

Any feminist and not so feminist female run blog,youtube channel, article writer for some online magazine etc and they all say even if a man compliments a woman once,that is sexual harassment.
And if he loses his job and ruins his 20 year career and his family ends of homeless well that's too bad.
Guys all over are just plain avoiding women at work, and there are many companies that are segregating their workforce.
I love it.

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Mar 8, 2018 at 5:43pm

to @ just read
That's a fucking great idea
let's get back to "boys only" and" girls only" schools too
Avoid women in the workplace like the fucking plague .
One I worked with filed a harassment complaint because I didn't say "good morning " to her. She was an absolute nut job but management were terrified of her.

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Mar 9, 2018 at 8:58am

Women are more likely to be mentally ill than men, and they are also more likely to be refractory to treatment, even female clinicians admit this.

It's a serious problem with women and mentally ill people, and, therefore, mentally ill women, having been integrated into the workforce. The harassment standard as UBC conceives of it is that your intention doesn't matter, so, you can say X with the purest of intentions, and if a mentally ill person (male or female, but all the faculty I know say this is almost exclusively a female thing, complaining about harassment, and this is also because if men complain nobody cares) "feels harm", even if only due to her mental illness, you done it boy, now you're gonna learn your by-God place. And even if you had psychiatric records for this individual, somehow, they would be no defense, the basic idea is that the "soft skull" doctrine applies to everything now.

The "soft skull" doctrine says that, if you, in a fight, apply what would be reasonable force to someone's skull, but his skull is soft, you're liable for breaking his skull open even though you you used an amount of force that would not have broken the typical skull. That you didn't intend to break his skull is no defense.

We've now extended this, under different words, into the domain of speech: if you have someone in the room who is mentally ill who, for example, froths at the mouth if anyone rejects the idea that there is a patriarchy, the 'soft skull' doctrine applies. While a mentally healthy person can listen to criticism of patriarchy theory without frothing, this individual cannot, and, therefore, you are liable for his (or her) frothing.

So, to prevent discussion of any topic, you just need a secret society that trains its members to mimic psychiatric symptoms...

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to @ women are ...

Mar 9, 2018 at 5:39pm

That's a perfect analysis( to me at least).
The adoption of this doctrine is like a virus that's spread through the entire western culture, made even more powerful by the disdain of the Arabic/Eastern cultures.
Of course, this is why the cultures are always fighting.
Who will win? Well no one will,
it's a pendulum.
best wishes

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