I'm the minority

I'm the minority but I'm probably looking for love in all the wrong places aka dating apps. Also, advice to men 1. You don't have to post a shirtless photo. I find that desperate and actually is a turn off. I'd personally want you to get naked for me only. 2. There are timers on cameras so quit taking selfies with your cell phones in the photo. It's tacky.


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Advice to women

May 25, 2018 at 12:52pm

Stop taking pictures of yourself at the top of a mountain with your shirt off and your back to the camera.

Stop taking pictures in front of a wall with wings painted on them.

Stop using lines like "I like long trips to the fridge" or anything to do with You liking our digs more then us, or vice versa.

These things are so over done and it makes you look like a simple minded follower.

If you're gonna have standards like "no smokers ( which is completely understandable) you shouldn't have "open minded" in your profile. Kind of a contradiction.

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