I'm sorry even though I'm not wrong

Yeah, I feel sorry that I kicked your car, but I was crossing the street where it's designed for pedestrians to cross. As bad as I feel (and especially since you're likely old and possibly near-sighted), I know that it's tough breaks for you that oncoming cars made you think that you should be able to scatter us pedestrians out of the way like chickens in a barn yard, but the truth is, you're inability to plan a left turn is not my problem. Still, I felt all icky and reptilian about it afterward.


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I might have been it

May 17, 2018 at 3:55pm

A few weeks ago I was making a left hand turn. The oncoming traffic was totally clear, and the walk sign was still the red hand. I had begun my turn and was almost completely through the crosswalk when suddenly this total nutcase older man pulled out of a parking space and was barreling full tilt at me with absolutely NO signs of slowing down. I was so occupied looking at him who was about to hit me, that by the time I was going to continue with my turn, a bunch of pedestrians had started across the intersection. I was completely panicking and was blowing my horn but not at the pedestrians, even though they probably thought I was. I managed to get out of the way just as he flew past, with several dirty looks from the pedestrians. I was completely shaken up and I felt terrible about scaring the pedestrians, but if he had hit me I’d likely have wiped out several of them when my car was pushed, so all in all I think I did the right thing.

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Moe Turrist

May 20, 2018 at 10:16am

Don't kick people's cars. Even if you think you're right. Don't kick people's cars. If you cannot understand why I can only assume you have never owned a vehicle. Whoever was driving at the time might not have seen you, but don't kick people's cars. Keep thinking you're right and next time maybe a physically imposing irate individual will get out and have a word - or more - with you. Don't kick people's cars.

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