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My goal is to get married without my parents finding out. One of my parents emotionally disowned me when I was a child. I spent most of my life doing things to win that love back, but it didn't work, so I guess it's not a problem. My other parent does not accept that I have a love life, the same way a homophobic parent does not accept a gay child. Although I still live in the same city as my one parent's personal assistant/emotional caregiver, I think I can pull this off. Good thing I'm too old to have children. I was told at a young age to not have children, due to my autism diagnosis, so I never had the urge anyway.


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Jun 14, 2018 at 4:30pm

OP you made my day, it's hard to explain. I'm kind of in awe of your level of honesty and self-understanding. I think that's a rare and beautiful thing. I'm sorry your folks weren't very supportive with you growing up. I think your life goals are excellent and that you can do it. As for raising kids, I think honestly you should do what feels right for you. If you want to have kids, and think you can give them a better shot than your parents, then I think you should think about it. Or you know, being an aunt/uncle, caretaker, caregiver, Big Brother/Sister whatever! One of the most inspiring people in my life is on the aspergers spectrum. One day, he just told me: "friendship is magic, bitch!!!" (Like in the Pony show, but with bitch at the end). I've honestly never heard words more true, and it still crosses my mind once in a while. Thank you for sharing. Have a fantastic one!

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