Tried to get real protests going

I wanted to get people to do a real protest when these housing issues were smaller. Everyone just didn't care to protest. At the time, they were well buffered by their family raising them. Now that they are adults on their own, they are feeling the pain. I moved away because I saw this coming. In the meantime, protests for 4/20 go strong. Why don't you get your act together? This isn't a game, and society will not magically come together for you. You better be prepared to protest en masse. General strike, along with other cities, towns, and your country... that is, if you do not entirely give your country away to foreign investors and corporations by then. I don't understand why these open-border policies are supported. You cannot ever solve the problem here without a country where people work together to create an economy that benefits Canadians. The truth is, Canadians will no longer exist at this rate. A Canadian is no longer allowed to by defined, and has to be some open-ended multi-cultural thing.

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