My adopted cat

My cats name is Kitteh. Its the one name you can say and she runs to us like a dog! She is adopted. The crackhouse across the street got busted last fall... and outside our apartment this little kitty stood on her back legs to reach up for a pet.. everyday.. she was there. I assumed she was a friendly kitty owned obviously.. what a personality. SO LOVING. So im on the bottom floor of apartment.. big groundlevel window with bars. We leave out a bowl of water on the patio and watch . .. she drinks it all.. Odd. Everyday we leave water and we decide to get food. She is so beautiful and petite and very young.. Underweight and hair not so big and sexy. I have the best little buddy.. we have the best little buddy. The apartment mananger even said everyone loves the cat .. we all know how it was abandoned.. and how loving she is. People call her the guardian because she sits and waits and greets people at the front door by just simply being. What a joy.


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Aug 15, 2018 at 12:17pm

sorry...did you just refer to a cats hair as sexy? or unsexy?? Either way LOL

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Aug 15, 2018 at 12:51pm

haha yes i did say the cats hair isnt so sexy. it is a lol :)

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