Enough Already, I Freaking Quit

I think that if things don't improve at my work soon, I will quit because I've finally had enough. Being understaffed is the worst, especially when there is pressure put on you and/or others to do extra work. My mental health doesn't deserve to suffer. I feel physically ill thinking about it all. Managers should appreciate and respect their employees by hiring backup people to help instead of making excuses just to save money. I'm trying to sleep but can't fall asleep. My brain is toast. Wish me luck today which will probably be my last day at my job. I will really miss seeing the one special/important/hilarious person who is my main motivation to go to work, that I look forward to talking to/laughing with everyday. He is an awesome person and I hope he doesn't hate me when/if I leave.


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I feel your pain

Sep 21, 2018 at 9:48pm

Today we were short staffed since a staff member was sick.

I was helping two customers at the same time(not easy in my line of work as it is very technical) and a rude lady kept asking for someone to help her. I explained that we would be with her as soon as possible but everyone was already helping customers and she didn't take kindly to that. Like seriously what the fuck do you expect people to do? You have to wait a few minutes- deal with it! Don't stress out the people who are already overworked and trying their best! The worst thing is that now with everyone being a Yelp critic it doesn't take much for grumpy impatient people to skewer a business with their nasty reviews because they had to wait 5 minutes for service.

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A Nice Update

Sep 23, 2018 at 7:44am

Thank you for replying with your story. Btw this is the person who originally posted the confession. I am doing much better now. I talked to a lot of people that I know recently and they shared their work horror stories. Some difficult co-workers or customers always seem to make things worse for others and it's not right, such as one or two particular people who don't respect others and just do whatever they want, not caring how it will affect the other workers. They are self-centered, pretending not to be aware of what they're doing, and it seems like they enjoy doing that on purpose which is really messed up.

After last week's events I've decided to ignore all the bull and just do the best I can. I will move on to a new workplace in a month or two, or even sooner, if things aren't resolved soon. My friend gave me hope by letting me know of a possible job opening that I am excited for, that I can transfer to in our company.

Work is work and we can't treat it like an ultimate test. It is just a place where we make money. Just let the work pile up and let the bosses deal with it instead of sitting in their office.

I hope I win the lottery since I bought it on Friday. If I win I will help all the people I know so they can move on and live their dreams. Never give up hope and keep on going. Listening to great music really helps. Try singing karaoke to let out your feelings as well.

Have a wonderful week and even though I don't know any of you, things will eventually be okay if you keep a positive mindset and know that you can make things better for yourselves and others by speaking up and/or moving on to newer things somewhere else where things are better.

We all deserve love and respect, even if things aren't going well at the moment. I believe in all of you and if you're reading this, I want you to live the life you want to live and believe in yourself and the power of positive thinking and being around supportive people who care about you. Thank you.

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