Lotto dream confessions

My confession is I’m so tired of doing my 8:30 to 5 office job, that I’ve started daydreaming about winning the lotto. It’s so mind numbing the rat race called Vancouver office jobs but I can’t quite afford to retire yet, let alone feel smart about forking out my hard earned wages for those fancy $12-18 downtown Vancouver takeout lunches that my younger coworkers enjoy regularly. Guess they are enjoying now instead of worrying about their senior years, to each their own. =) Years ago, I decided to speed up savings by learning how to be really frugal. About once a blue moon I make an instant ramen noodle $1.25 and add some steamed veggies for a quick desk lunch or get a mall food court takeout like on Taco Tuesday 2 tacos with sour cream for under $3. I supplement it with the company’s free organic fruit bowl, free cold drinks/snacks for staff. Again, I don’t do it on a regular basis but sometimes it just feels right to not spend crazy money for a $14 gourmet salad. At the end of the so many wishful thinkers, I secretly wish to win the lotto so none of these small petty things like saving $2 here and there would matter in the least. Ah well! First world


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Saving money

Sep 12, 2018 at 8:46am

Absolutely saving $2 here and there adds up. But you have to be disciplined and sock it away in an account.

Yes, do not spend your hard earned money in $14 salads and $18 lunches. EAT your workplace’s food and drinks and save what you could have spent. I only go out for lunch once a week with colleagues and treat it like a treat, and not rely on eating out. Food is the easiest area to save some money.

As for the lottery, stop dreaming and start investing your money. You’re not going to get ahead with just working an office job. As the saying goes, you can have money now, or you can have money later. I’d much rather not spend my money on cheap crap and work lunches and have a lot more money later.

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Sep 12, 2018 at 10:33am

"Budget Confessions"
bravo. you showed us young uns

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Lottery Odds,pictured

Sep 12, 2018 at 10:59am

Lotto Max 1 in 28,600,000.
Go to BC Place,and half the playing area it's 55 meters by 60 meters,which is 33,000,000 square centimeters. Shave off a couple meters width wise to get 28,600,000 square centimeters.

Draw a square centimeter for scale,and imagine someone has put a square centimeter of paper on that field,and you have to be blindfolded while throwing a dart and hit it.

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Yep I won't quit my day job

Sep 12, 2018 at 5:24pm

I'm the one who posted this confession. Thanks "Saving money" for your advice to stop dreaming and start investing - I already do that. But I feel a person can always dream, right? =) Note: I don't actually go out to buy lotto tickets myself. Only if there's some crazy big jackpot and someone in our law firm will sometimes organize a group ticket pool.

And to "more", sorry I wasn't trying to say anything bad about young people... I'm just noticing my 2 younger colleagues in my office spend quite a bit on takeout (which I'm unwilling to since I am trying to have enough to retire on in 15 years). My choices to find more affordable lunches will help me. Plus a few other things like trading my home grown basil for tomatoes, getting those Shoppers Drugmart points to buy free grocery items. Nothing radical. Just somebody trying to survive in Vancouver and enjoy retirement without being a burden to anyone.

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