Point of No Return

Boundaries. When you care about someone it's hard to not cave, so I had to create a limit, a point of no return. She couldn't respect my need for space, finding her ego starved. So I told myself if she baits me again and comes up empty that's it. And what a hook it was too. I was tricked as always and there was nothing there. So I miss her, every day, but I couldn't respect myself if it had gone any other way.


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Sep 23, 2018 at 7:37pm

“Finding her ego starved”? She couldn’t respect your need for space? Sounds familiar. I broke up with a guy who had zero respect for ANY boundaries I had. He just did whatever he felt like, even in my home. In fact he constantly refused to make any type of commitment to “us”, but was quite happy to basically move into my place (not officially and without paying of course), coming and going as he pleased for years. Every time I got fed up and set boundaries because I needed MY space (you know, that space with my name on it, the one I paid for 100% of, the one where I supplied absolutely everything?), he sulked like a child and found myriad ways to punish me. Such as disappearing without notice and leaving town on vacation. So maybe you could elaborate a bit?

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Sep 23, 2018 at 9:25pm

It's easy to see our stories here, and maybe we are the same in getting the short end of the stick in our individual stories but the particulars are different. I never dated this woman. I was rejected, and I asked for some space to get over it. We were spending a great deal of time together and it was painful for me. But she couldn't respect that, and would knowingly manipulate me into being around her, little gifts - here, I brought you this coffee - etc. Finally after I hid from her for a few weeks (like literally hid with the lights off and everything, it was ridiculous) she hooked me with a "I'm drawn to you" which of course was a trick. So yeah, people can suck regardless of their gender.

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Self respect has little to do with it

Sep 24, 2018 at 12:24am

If you are lucky enough in this life to find the one true portal to eternity through true love do whatever you possibly can to book passage for you both

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