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Sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the artist's viewpoint and often subjective interpretation. Is it fair to call it art if it is a series of drawings based on someone else's photos? If I trace the picture first using a light table or computer methods and then add my own color and details, is it still my art or do I have to credit the photographer? No one seems to care because online no one can tell how the art was actually produced unless the artist shared their methods.


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As an artist....

Nov 18, 2018 at 9:32pm

.....I have to agree that I find it difficult to call someone an artist when all they’re doing is replicating a photograph, such as in giclee. I also find it annoying when every second person now calls themselves an artist because they’ve learned how to mix resin into acrylic paint and pour it out of a cup onto a canvas where the paint itself does all the work in creating the design. Then again , if you go to any big city art galleries you’ll see ridiculous “installation art” like a bunch of rope hanging from a ceiling or piled on the floor. The great masters would be rolling in their graves to see what passes as art nowadays.

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People seem not to care

Nov 19, 2018 at 1:06am

Because they don't. Nobody gives half a crap how things work. Do you care how this little hypnotic gadget in your hand works?

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yes, give credit

Nov 19, 2018 at 12:21pm

there have literally been lawsuits about creating "drawings" (be it art for art, art for commercial ads or even art for comic books) from photos by someone else. There are twitter and instagram accounts that solely call out copied works so while "most" people don't care about the source, don't fool yourself into thinking it will go unnoticed for long. Credit is a minimum, generally actual permission and licensing would be needed if it's something you're going to publicly display and/or sell.

Generally those that use other's work without credit or even call it their own and think its ok "because the internet is free" or some such BS are either just ignorant, lazy, or disingenuous.

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@ As an artist

Nov 20, 2018 at 3:05pm

Spot on. Everyone fancies themselves an artist or curator now. Barf

And you are so right about the stupid paint in cup thing. Its not art, its a thing kids do in preschool.

ALso, it seems in Vancouver people use their art as an excuse for being shitty people. You cant hide your ugly personality behind some whack art. People can see right through that shit.

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