Someone explain how someone can "present as female" (or for that matter "present as male") without pulling from a bunch of BS archaic definitions of what a woman is to be or do *aka long hair, dresses, make-up, high heels*<<<----- these are things literally any human can do regardless of their biological sex (their dna and genitals....lets also note that as far as our genetic "sex" goes there is more than just male and female......and society needs to drop the stigma for these people). Only things that makes me a human female are my genes and my reproductive organs. So the only way for you to KNOW I am a woman or "present as female" is for me to pull down my pants and bend over or tell you myself. I can dress in whatever, where my hair however engage in whatever activity I like and beyond that my body may not be what is "expected" of a woman. There are lots of woman who you may look at and not know they are women...cuz you cant see their genitals and they dont dress in the historically dictated BS standard of what a woman is to look like. I want everyone to wear what they like, do what they love, love who they love regardless of their genes or what does or doesn't dangle between their legs. I want dresses, heels, suits, EVERYTHING built to fit beautifully on all kinds of diverse bodies. I hope we as a society kick out the concept of "gender" soon because female is not a look, it is not a style, it is not something one "presents as". It is genes, ovaries, uterus etc; dealing with the functions, malfunctions and social expectation connected with that biological system. Terms like "present as a woman" seem to do nothing but perpetuate the oppressive past expectations that strong ass women fought to overcome.


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This whole...

Dec 5, 2018 at 2:16pm

"sex is not gender" academic thing is a great example of how a completely ridiculous thesis can be pushed through the academy if you have a few rogue departments and a disciplinary procedure. Dr. Peterson notwithstanding, anyone who refuses to toe the line like a good boy/girl is getting fired for not kowtowing to the propaganda about sex and gender being different things.

The proper academic discussion we should be having is how a group of developmentally abnormal people have been weaponized by academic socialists who want to use people who have genital abnormalities as a sort of category-breaking dreadnought.

Gender roles do suck, but the simple fact is that there's a reason humans have evolved two different genders, and there's a reason that in almost all traditional societies we come across, there is gendered division of labor. This is not because males are some oppressive class and that females are oppressed, and this is how it has always been, that is silly. This Marxist "grievance model" like we're all in a Union and some Goverment/Industrial Relations Board should fix all of the world's problems is really sick.

I know a few people who have transitioned from male to female. They still behave in a stereotypically male fashion, except now they have license to be the center of attention as "trans women." I wish I could say otherwise, but every "trans" person I know seems like a narcissist who gets a giddy thrill from forcing total strangers to "respect muh pronouns." What better way for a narcissist to enact control over others?


Dec 5, 2018 at 2:30pm

What's wrong with being a strong "woman"...should we say strong "genderless person"?

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Dec 5, 2018 at 3:34pm

"female expectation connected with that biological system"

That sounds an awful lot like what I understand the term "gender" to mean.

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You know what I get sick of?

Dec 5, 2018 at 3:34pm

Listening to rants that affect 0.001% of the population and making it an issue across Canada.

How many pepole actually have this problem? Virtually none. I honestly dont care about what you are going on about. There are more pressing issues in life - stop trying to make the most minority of issues an issue.

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You're not alone in this observation

Dec 5, 2018 at 3:51pm

That gender presentation overlaps with gender stereotype.

Then again, given the relative lack of stigma over queerness these days, wouldn't one assume that most people would just be gay/bi instead of putting themselves through rigourous chemical and surgical procedures? It doesn't make sense to do that unless one is so firmly, unshakably set on a specific gender that they would become clinically depressed if kept in their "birth assigned" sex?

Calm down for Christ's sake

Dec 5, 2018 at 4:34pm

Trans people aren't hurting you are they? Are they affecting your life negatively on a daily basis? Do you feel threatened by them? Maybe you should focus on other things to make this a better world rather get offended by trans people or other people who are different....btw I went to Southern Bapist church here in North Van that spewed out the same transphobic BS & it was totally toxic as fuck, like you are saying in your post here


Dec 5, 2018 at 4:51pm

I still live in a world where women act like women and enjoy their feminine role in the world, while men act like men and make no apologies for it. Women were never meant to be the hunters and warriors in societies. They don't have the physical ability and aggression. Women are meant to be nurturers, gatherers, organizers, etc. This was 99 percent of societies for thousands of years. There are biological differences between the sexes, whether you like it or not.


Dec 5, 2018 at 6:20pm

Dude, you are gross. Biological differences, sure. But you just named social constructs, not biology.

@Calm down for Christ's sake

Dec 5, 2018 at 6:39pm

I would say that insofar as trans people want to stifle academic discussion of gender and sex, yes, they are hurting all of us. Do I think that a bunch of people with what amount to birth defects (or psychiatric issues) dreamed all of this up on their own? Of course not.

I would say that insofar as male to female trans people want to inject themselves into women's only spaces, that also hurts us all, not as men or women, but as individuals with property rights. If I want to book a room, define man/woman as I see fit, and only admit women, that is my right. if I require everyone to have a doctor's note saying that they were born with a functional vagina and ovaries, that's my reprogative.

The real issue here is categorization---it's one thing to have customary categories that 'everybody uses,' and don't say male/female don't fit into that group. Mother, father also fit into that group, but these are also things that radical socialists have trouble with, they see the family as the reactionary germ-cell of the capitalist/fascist state. So fine, we can get rid of categories that everybody uses, but what's left isn't a system of categories determined by "experts" in professions like Gender Studies Professor, what's left is the empty set---categories are like computer programs for filtering sense-data. Your nervous system is a biocomputer. You get to run whatever categorization software you want, or you have to run what 'everybody' runs. This dichotomy runs through lots of our social organization: you have customary law, which is law so old nobody can remember when it became law, and you have statute law, which is law that is set up by some deliberative body.

If we're going to get rid of custom, people need to accept that it's by custom deliberate bodies can bind others---so if we're getting rid of tradition, exactly why should I have to use a trans person's pronouns, have I been bound to do so by some parliament? That's exactly what trans people seem to want, they want the customary authority of parliament, but they don't want any customary categories, like man/woman.

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I never gave a shit

Dec 5, 2018 at 8:00pm

I have a friend who turns everything into a gender issue. I consider her as a pain in the ass. I once wanted to interact with one of her obviously gay friends and she went off the wall to display her displeasure. Guess what! I don't care. If you have some kind of problem with your sex, it's your problem. Not everyone else's.

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