I never set out to....

I never set out to share physical intimacy with, make love, have sex, with about 100 women. I'm not bragging, not complaining, and I'm not ashamed. I never sought a one-night stand, and always participated believing that there was more than sex on the line. In most cases, I was not the initiator, although almost always willing and thrilled to participate. It is difficult to explain. For most of the time frame, I was poor. I was average to fair looking, and not an athlete. It was all a mystery to me. As is the situation now, where I am unable to connect with anyone. I miss that intimacy.


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Yeah right

Jan 17, 2019 at 9:38am

And then you woke up. Or this Op is a woman on some sort of mission

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Intimacy is...

Jan 17, 2019 at 10:19am

...not physical sex. Intimacy is close emotional attachment based on trust, respect, vulnerability and shared values. To be really intimate with another person takes an investment of time, effort, and usually exclusivity.

If you have had sex with over 100 women, your encounters most surely happened within one night stands or short term relationships. I would hard a guess that you have never actually experienced relationship intimacy.

In order to move a relationship from instant or short term to long term, it means you need to not have sex until you like the PERSON, not the body/face, and then you need to spend time with that person so you can get to know them. Sometimes, you need to continue even when you are uncomfortable or it seems like to much effort. It means not dating others. It means being open and honest and kind. It means considering their needs before your own. And so much more!

If you have found that the well of potential partners has dried up, maybe it's because those potential partners now see you as someone who uses them for sexual pleasure as not someone who cares about who they are.

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