It takes what it takes

I confess that it’s taking me a long time to come to terms with so many massive changes in my life. Some of the people closest to me are frustrated by what they feel is a lack of effort and progress on my side. However, everyone’s situation is different, because each of us has our own history, path, and personal challenges that all work together to determine how long it takes for us to be able to fully move forward. Right now, although to others it might seem that I’m doing nothing, I’m actually making huge strides inside. Learning to accept some very difficult physical challenges that have happened to me, along with the loss of a career and the income from it, and a long relationship with someone I deeply loved, has been immensely painful. I consider it a victory that I can still support myself (at least so far), I can still laugh at myself and the ridiculously bizarre things that happen in life, and I still believe in love. I’m grateful for all of the incredible people I have in my life, the fact that I can still feed myself, drive, have a comfortable roof over my head, and the majority of my physical capabilities are mostly there. So to those of you who think that I’m not doing enough, I ask that you try to put yourself in my place before you judge. I’m thrilled that I’ve come as far as I have!


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Jan 14, 2019 at 1:04pm

So am I

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