We drifted apart

We were friends since middle school. We moved to different schools /cities and we lost touch. Even when we were in the same city we didn't hangout. During the "friendship" I always felt like they were just someone I didn't really know, just someone I saw once in a while, or someone who pressured me into hanging out. When we did hangout they made it seem like I was the one begging to hangout with them, when in fact it was the opposite way. People would say "oh your the friend that tagged along to ..." I hated that others thought of me like that, I hated that they made others think that. Why couldn't just say this is the friend I asked to go to .... Since then I don't care to see them, message them, call them, etc. We drifted apart, please just let the drifting apart continue. If I want to see you / hangout with you I would put the effort in. But I don't. In my book this chapter is closed and I have moved on. I just don't have the heart to tell you straight to your face.

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