Dear Wife (not)

You took my name (and a lot more!) I love and think of you everyday. I have zero regrets ( occasionally I desire you to back into me and to have you near) We are but the moments we share.


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Feb 18, 2019 at 6:52pm

ain't it how things progress even up in front of our very own awareness. I know this already and I am truly sorry it happened for me too late. Possibly the very hardest time I will face is now. So my life looks a lot dumb and dumber these days. It just feels like there is a real chance at what I missed my first time out of the gate. It took pretty much the whole 2 yrs until that one night I saw you when came to visit to get over your loss as the one at my side. I realized this was a left behind too far back opportunity. So what did I do, the totally mature adult way of acti..... nah I am just fucking kidding I went rogue as the order of every uncomfortable situation I have ever find my out of. This one that has my heart currently has taught far more than she should have been able to. Regardless of the you and I aspect, babe you would like her I swear. You'd have to because most have no choice watching something so tiny be the biggest human in all situations she has to, or is willing to face. This is where my faith she will handle what's next. Hey imu you as well, so if it ok with you I'm ready and need this? Good luck I still say he is an asshole too, but wtf you seem to like him. Must have something more than everyone else thinks right. Chow Edie ;-)

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