Don't Fix It If It Ain't Broke

At work, every new software version upgrade seems to work worse than the previous one, but may look a little slicker.


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Fix It Again, Tony

Feb 20, 2019 at 2:45pm

The European automakers did it first.
Amazing design and features, seductive looks, sumptuous feel...dubious and irregular functionality. If I have the money to burn, I might buy a Porsche - they seem to have their stuff more together. Otherwise it's Toyotas or Hondas for me, forever.
The one last hope being EVs, because they're mechanically simpler. Maybe in 5 years. Elon reminds me of Shkreli, and I "wouldn't buy a car from this man".

In technology, we do the same thing. UX is king, so look-and-feel is slick and shiny. The back end is a bunch of clanging Rube Goldberg assemblages flying in close formation.
It's not really IT's fault. We're always treated as a "cost center" by the CFO, and they hire the cheapest back-end code monkeys they can find, often offshore. I left the field for that reason. Systems and services is a thankless job, like being a plumber - when it works you're invisible, and when it breaks you get the mess and the grief. And it's fashionable to hate on tech, so no social status, either.
Why maintain such challenging tech qualifications all the time, when incorporated plumbers get paid about the same? Let the robots do IT.
They won't care when people bitch them out.

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I've been working in IT for 35 years

Feb 20, 2019 at 4:18pm

And am nearing retirement.
Software upgrades are the bane of any IT professional's job.
Can't wait till retirement when I don't have to think about software anymore except how to open my browser and look for porn.

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