Taxis these days

Aren't set up for 5 people, barely take an advance booking, sometimes won't stop, won't go to certain places because "it's the end of my shift", and sometimes the credit card machine is mysteriously broken forcing cash. All of this is adding up to a general frustration with people. If you guys are trying to stop Uber you better try something else. Being difficult to clients isn't working.


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I have..

Feb 18, 2019 at 9:15am

.. never had a problem with a taxi. Then, I use them to get around, every now and again, I am not some drunk who uses them so I can drink irresponsibly and get home without using transit or riding a bike.

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We were at Vancouver Children's Hospital

Feb 18, 2019 at 2:31pm

taking care of a grand child and needed a cab to get home. We tried calling the cab from the nurse's desk on the ward & were told to find our way to the other side of the complex to the E.R. were there are always taxis. The signage is confusing & we got lost looking for the E.R. plus it was raining & we didn't have rain gear so got soaked. Finally made it to the E.R. and there were not cabs. So tried calling again and was told "sorry it will take an hour" so we waited and the cab never came. Finally a nurse finishing his shift took mercy on us & gave us a ride home. Have heard many similar stories about people having trouble getting taxi rides downtown. Duh !!!! What's the damn problem Mr. & Mrs. Politrickians bringing in UBER?

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